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Hello all,
I am new here, from Indiana, and interested in creating a delivery based juice business. I am looking for helpful information that will either inspire me to pursue this idea or dissuade me if it does not appear feasible. I learned about juicing from my uncle when I was a child but never tried it until I saw Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I completed the 60 day thyroid program although I’ve never been diagnosed with that issue and found my energy high and a weight loss of 15 pounds. I believe that so many physical and mental health issues are related to the pre-packaged, chemically enhanced and GMO foods so available to people. I am hoping to help by making juice more available to people interested.


Hi Misty!
You have the most important thing you need for starting a juice business, the passion for wanting to help people by spreading the juice :blush: I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from juice bar owners that the passion and belief for what they do makes it all worth it and makes getting through the tough times bearable!


Hi Karen,

I wanted to reach out and hopefully get some guidance! This is a personal question but do you have children? My husband and I are looking into opening our juicer/smoothie/bowl shop; However, I recently found out I am pregnant and due in June. I also have a two year old that I currently stay at home with! I was hoping to opening the juice bar within 5 months post baby BUT am worried that I might be getting in over my head! Any guidance or suggestions??


We do not have young children… it would be a hard juggle if we did. To be honest, it takes a ton of time, especially right before opening and then for the first year. I don’t want to discourage you, but at the same time, you should be prepared for long days and nights organizing, managing suppliers, remodeling, hiring staff (or working yourself, which is obviously time committed), etc. Even after 2.5 years, I’m at the juicebar nearly every day (even with an awesome manager)… and sometimes during emergencies (like today when our prep frig holding all of our smoothie supplies died… gotta go dump product and sanatize…yippeee !)
Still, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
People with young children do it, but you may want to look into buying a franchise with all of the tough stuff already figured out…it’s the starting from scratch that’s the hardest (* PS. we are likely franchising here in the next 6 months, so follow us on facebook or private PM me if interested. )


Katie from Katie’s cold press had an amazing talk about work life home life balance at Juicecon. I am sure @charlie is releasing the videos throughout the year. Definitely helped me out, and I don’t even have kids! Haha. But very inspiring.


Hey! I started my business with a 6 month old daughter, and had twin boys a couple years later, but we just recently went from selling at farmer’s markets and doing local deliveries to operating a full juice bar. There is no way I could do it without a (more than) 50/50 partner and full time childcare. It is worth it in the long run, but we are in our first month at the shop and I literally go days without seeing my kids because I’m working 4AM-9PM every day. Things will be better once our staff are fully trained, but it is a huge time commitment for sure. I would make sure you have lots of support and realistic expectations about the temporary sacrifices, going in!


Thanks so much, Ari!! It was so fun talking with you - looking forward to next year’s conference!


Hi everyone
My name is Sergei. From Russia, far east, Vladivostok. It is a city which is located near China, Korea and Japan. We are living in the shore of the sea of Japan.
I was in California in 2014 and fell in love whese different cute green bottles. It semmed that cold pressed juice is a lifestyle. Modern, open, healthy, sunny lifestyle.
The X1 juicer i have bought last summer.
My city have cold weather 5-6 months in a year. And i want to convey sunny-bright mood to my city. It’s hard, but possible.
I have digestive problems for a long time. I can’t eat raw vegetables, fruits and berrys. A lot of fibres make me stomach pains. For me juice is an entrance to eat fruits and vegetables. It makes me less problems with health. I hope that i will be healthy in a future.
My favorite juices are apple lemonade (recipe from Goodnature) and pomegranate juice.
I have a retail at the mall and delivery.
I also have a second hobby. it’s a speciality coffee. I have three coffeshops.
Our inst:
Our site is under reconstruction

Sorry for my Eng:)


Hi all, I am Richard Ma from China.

I am starting a business offering healthy and functional shakes for people who work out to build muscle or lose fat.

I used such service while I was in US. After coming back to China, I found there is such demand but lacking in such service. I make shakes and smoothies back home for myself after workout. I want to share it with other people and make it a business.

I am hoping to meet professionals for recipe discussions.



Hi everyone, I am Kayo Adeboye, a health enthusiast and aspiring juice bar owner from Nigeria.
My business will be built around the X1 mini Pro and a commercial citrus juicer- still considering Zumex.
I am excited to be part of this forum and I hope to leveraged your knowledge and experience as I set up my Juicebar- scheduled to start by April, 2019.


Hi everyone, I am Kayode Adeboye, a health enthusiast and aspiring juice bar owner from Nigeria.
My business will be built around the X1 mini Pro and a commercial citrus juicer- still considering Zumex.
I am excited to be part of this forum and I hope to leveraged your knowledge and experience as I set up my Juicebar- scheduled to start by April, 2019


Hi – I’m Steve and I live in Dallas, Texas.
And, I need your help.

About ten years ago, I was hit by a car. Yes, it hurt. About six years later I discovered cold-pressed juicing and after years of struggling, my recovery finally began. The results were so dramatic that about a year ago, I began a blog both about my journey and about my ongoing education about juices.


Here’s where you come in:
Finding reliable, sourced information about the benefits of juicing is HARD to locate! I read tons of claims and "it is reported that"s.
What I try to do in my blog is identify sources of science behind the health claims, one juice at a time.

For example, in Ari’s book The Juicing Companion (good book!), lots of health benefits are listed for each specific fruit’s or vegetables’ juice. I don’t doubt them, but I can’t source them all, either.

So, please read my blog posts, let me know what you think, and if you’re aware of good sources of information about these health benefits, I’d really appreciate your input.

All the best, Steve


@Steven_Thrasher welcome to the community!

you can look at the nutrients within the fruit or veggie then find info about the benefits of those nutrients instead of just looking for benefits of a specific fruit or veg.


Hi! I’m Jen and I have a small juice business, not quite a year old, called Just Juice It! Our business will be homeless at the end of this month so I’m concentrating on my juice subscription, Juice On The Go!, and conducting what I call juice pop-ups. I go to a local coffee shop or wellness center with some premade juices as well as ingredients and my juicer for one day a week. The newsletter The Juice It Journal has subscribers and I’m trying to turn those people into buyers. For me, I notice that when I am consistent with juicing I don’t need coffee and all my cravings disappear! It’s so rewarding to have my customers come to me on a consistent basis telling me how wonderful they feel drinking the juices and that they are trying the recipes that are included in our newsletter. I’m happy to be small right now. Knowledge is key and right now I’d like to learn as much as possible.


That was my initial thought as well; however, I’ve learned that each juice has a nutritional profile that amplifies the benefits of certain vitamins over others (which is why a body passes most tablet-vitamins without absorbing most of the nutrients).
I’m pretty sure that there’s a LOT more going on than mere vitamin/mineral content, and hope “putting the pieces together” from the research that’s already available will give people yet another powerful reason to skip McDonalds and head to their local juice bar.
All the best, Steve