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  1. Where are you from?

  2. Tell us about your juice business and / or aspirations.

  3. How has juice impacted your life?

  4. Anything else about you that you would like us to know?

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Welcome to the Goodnature Community

Carlos from ASC Consultants LLC here. It was great to meet the Goodnature and the Juicing crowd at JuiceCon 2018. Our group of National consultants is headquartered in sunny LA. Adrienne has been working with the fresh pressed juice market since inception.

My background is in supply chain and compliance. We saw all these same growing pains with the coffee industry when launching my own chain back in the 80s. Looking forward providing any information and support we have learned along the way, and Attending JuiceCon 2019!


@clawrence Congrats on officially being the first member to post in the forums :confetti_ball: :partying_face:

It was great meeting you at JuiceCon.

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:



Thank you for a great event in LA, so worth traveling from Sweden :slight_smile:

Gergö Wolmestad
Juica - Sweden.


Hi there,
I am Sorrel Jardine from the South of France.
Drinking fresh carrot juice since a baby, I started my juice company JUS JARDINE only three years ago.
Selling at farmer’s markets and the local yoga studio, I also deliver to hotels and yachts during the holiday season.
I had such a great time at the juicecon, so glad I made it there. It was very inspiring to me.


My name is Donald and I am from eastern Ontario, Canada, in a town called Napanee, located between Kingston and Belleville.

My smoothy/juice business is part of a change from being an outdoor, marine manufacturers rep for many years, to having astronomically less travel, and trading mountains in one part of my country to the lakes of another part of Canada where I grew up. It has been an interesting challenge, with my long term goal to have this as part of a regional model.

Juice is something of an accident for me. I had a guest that was about to stay with his partner, on my property in Ontario. It was supposed to be a no cost retreat of sorts for them, and I had commented to him, that he looked a bit off, to which he replied that he was good and that maybe it was the sun. Within 24 hours this otherwise healthy westcoast Canadian, was in the hospital and then a few days later began a stint of about 3 months including flights for surgery. It turns out he had got some kind of serious intestinal bug and it totally changed his life. He began juicing and has lived as a changed man. This I watched for a couple of years and thought I would try it myself, given I traveled heavily through western Canada for business. I found it to be delicious and it helped be one of a few healthy items that helped keep me on the straight and narrow. It has all been good, with me now traveling less and getting more activity with juice and smoothys as a vital part of how I do things. Tasty too

I love the outdoors and believe in trying to support related causes that work with the new revised business model and the community.


Thank you for this! Made my morning :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community


Getting juice delivered to a yacht sounds amazing!


Hello Everyone,
Patrik from Juica Sweden here. Check us out at

We coldpress the freshest, rawest, organic vegetables and fruit. We mainly focus on e-commerce, selling cleanse packages but also do some retail and deliveries to offices with a single products line.

It was great meeting everyone at the JuiceCon and looking forward staying in touch in this forum.

Kind Regards,



I’m Omar from Mexico City.

Currently, me and partners, own stores selling fruit, vegetables, seeds and local products like honey, spicy sauces and chips. We are trying to figure out how to start the Juice business to complement our portfolio. We are very excited after JuiceCon. It was very useful to listen all the collective experience in the rooms.

Hope in the next JuiceCon we can share our story.



I really enjoyed the information and inspiration I received at JuiceCon. I’m excited for next year. I own a Cold Pressed Juice Bar and Hot Yoga Studio with a large retail area. I really hope to see more natural product vendors at the next JuiceCon!



Rochester NY and I am going on my 4th year in December juicing. Juicing has impacted my life in lots of ways, giving me more energy, assisting others and educating them on the benefits of juicing. Meeting new great new friends from juicing.


@Juicinchick have you ever visited us (Goodnature) in buffalo?


Sarah from Connecticut. I own a small organic vegetarian Juicery and Kitchen. I’m, sort of, second generation natural foods as my mother owned a health food store for 45 years so I have had fresh juice in my life for a long time. I love the opportunity that juicing and making really good vegetarian food provides me to introduce fruit and vegetables to people who are skeptical. “Wow, this is actually really good”, is one of my favorite things to hear when a skeptic samples our juice.


Yes!! I love it. That is such a great moment in that person’s life


I have 4 yrs ago. A great place


Lauren Hallczuk
Free Range Juice

It was so inspiring to be at Juice Con! We plan on opening our doors this January 2019. The knowledge and insight we learned was so beneficial at this stage. I still have so many questions. Thank you all for being on this journey with me. I can’t wait to learn and grow together. :carrot::cucumber::coconut::pineapple::kiwi_fruit::watermelon:


Hello, everyone!
Lisa Hudson here.

Co-founder of Source Juicery in Edwardsville, IL (St.Louis Metro Area)…no longer involved there, but currently working as an industry consultant. Current project is developing and opening the Juice & Espresso Bar program (and other food & beverages) for the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA.
I have had the great privilege to work with Goodnature and their machines over the past few years and am grateful for this forum to share information with this community.
Always learning, creating and growing!


Hello, community!
Thank you for doing this, Charlie & Co.

Rich, here.

  1. Where are you from?
    Southern California / LA County based.

  2. Tell us about your juice business and / or aspirations.
    This year I finally grew from a Norwalk Press into the X-1. In a former adman-life I created commercials for Pepsi, Sam Adams along with other clients in NYC. Now… I aspire to live simple, clean and share excellent, clean, pure, pressed juices from a small shop (Most Xcellent) I just completed building.

  3. How has juice impacted your life?
    Long story… but I juiced for years for family members and myself. After only positive health changes I decided “juicing” needed to be total lifestyle change for life… now I’m actually doing this. Eeek.

  4. Anything else about you that you would like us to know?
    I look forward to learning and sharing juicing experiences.

Just hit reply!


My name is Ari Sexner and I am the Chef/Consultant for Goodnature.
I am from Las Vegas, Worked in the hospitality industry for over 15 years as a chef mostly around Vegas area. That is where I was tasked to start a certified organic/raw juice program at the Bellagio. Myself and co-workers soon began to reach for cold press juice instead of red bulls for the days we had to work long hours and we never looked back.