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Good day community!!
My name is Emilio Cardona, General Director of Inversiones K&C from Honduras. I’m an agricultural engineer, degree in nutrition,degree in plant genetics,tea sommelier and a tea designer.
I’m in the food and beverage industrie since 1987. For the last 15 years i have worked in the development and research of tropical fruit, herbs, veggies and aromatic infusions. Spend a great time in the JUICECON.
Many blessings.


Hi David Kosineski
True Juice Cafe
Schenectady, NY

Thank You for starting this forum Charlie and his team! My Juice business is looking to open at the beginning of spring. I love drinking juice it gives me so energy and makes me feel great. I’m excited to learn new ideas about juice and in-depth knowledge of nutrition.


Hello Everyone,

My name is Eric Tyler and I am an Account Executive for Goodnature. I grew up and went to school in small town Wisconsin and was involved in Liquor Sales in the Twin Cities area prior to coming to Vegas to begin with Goodnature some 2 and a half years ago. I now reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota and work remotely in order to be closer to my family.

It was a great pleasure to meet many of you at JuiceCon and see this community we’re trying to assemble begin to flourish! This message board should serve as another great tool for all of us to share ideas and work together to grow and navigate the challenges of running a juice bar.

If any of you have interest in starting a new business, or growing your existing one with the addition of a Goodnature X1 Mini or X1, I’d love to connect and learn more about your project or share more info on our presses!

Peace, Love, & Juice!


Hi There!

I am Robin Frey, marketing manager at Goodnature. I grew up and currently reside in wintery Buffalo, New York. I worked as a marketing manager in the automotive industry for many years. A few years ago, I moved to Vegas where I was given the opportunity to work in the juicing industry with Goodnature.

Juicing is very personal for me, at a young age I learned how powerful juicing can be. A close family friend healed herself from leukemia and ever since then, juice has been a part of my life.

I love the benefits of juicing and how it makes me feel and I am so grateful to be able to share that with others and work in this industry that is having such a positive impact on people’s lives!


Hello, my name is Rene’ Henricks from Juicy Lucy Juice Bar. I have been running my two locations in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan for 23 years and have just recently added the Goodnature X-1 Mini to our process. It was a game changer, thank you Charlie! We were using Norwalks before, which was a fine machine for my tiny shops, but I was throwing money at production time and waste. We have recently moved towards catering and supplying cold press juice to bars for cocktails, and I am looking to grow that side of my business this new year. My ultimate goal would be to franchise, but in the meantime I’ll think big and keep juicing. I’m liking this form, lot’s of great info.


Hi! My name is Mike. I’m from northern CA. I own the X1 Mini. I own two fitness centers and I’m hoping to open juice bars within those fitness centers. Juicing has had a huge impact on my life. It has given me a way to get massive amounts of nutrients into my body without having to eat pounds of vegetables everyday. I absolutely love it! Also, I very much appreciate everything Good Nature has done for us from all of the incredible information they provide, the amazing juice machines they produce and the awesome convention they put on!!! Thanks for everything!!!


Hi Goodnature FAM! I’m Aileen with Zeal Pressed Juicery in Bakersfield CA.
We help entrepreneurs and professionals get the nourishment they need on the go to be healthy and energized with our nutrient-dense cold-pressed juice so they can crush their day.

As a fellow entrepreneur, eating healthy was hard until we started juicing at home and storing our juices in jars. Have been juicing for 5 years and its because of the energy and focus our juice gives us that we can tackle our daily to-do list and continue to grow in our endeavours.

Love what Goodnature does and the level of excellence they bring to the juice industry. So grateful to have a Goodnature X1!


So happy you ar doing this!

My name is Heather.

My family and I have been juicing for about 18 years. We run an organic produce delivery company and are looking to open our first cafe which will feature cold pressed juices.
And opening soon The Kitty Beautiful


Hi My name is Clare and I’m starting up a juicing business just west of Ottawa in eastern Ontario. I’m starting small, as a one person operation with a small selection of juices available to order and pickup or just pickup for walk-in customers. I’m also planning to resell through local businesses. I’m excited about this community!


Hi. My name is Ellen Key and I own a cold-pressed juice company in The Bahamas called Pressed by Eat me Skinny! We do cold-pressed juice and detox programs and have been operating for just over a year. We do mainly delivery and supply a few retail locations as well as local farmer’s markets.
I love love love juice and everything juice lol.
Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to Juice Con this year but I plan on making it next year.
Our plan is to open a juice/smoothie bar in 2019 so info and connections are awesome!!! Looking forward to getting to know all of this juice tribe!
Our website it
Yay for juice!


Hi, I’m from the gulf coast area of Alabama. Agapé Juices is in Gulf Shores. We opened in August 2017. Agapé was born as result of researching ways to help friends and family members struggling with serious health issues ranging from Alzheimers to cancer. Our vision is to educate as well as make wonderful juices, smoothies, and other delicious healthy options for people throughout south Alabama. Yes as you can imagine it is an uphill battle here in the south! LOL Heath minded individuals do exist here. We’re trying to grow that group.
Our shop is in a “health center”. A chiropractor owns the facility. There is a crossfit gym, a couple massage therapist and a natural path doctor comes monthly.
Anyway grateful for this group and look forward to growing and learning interacting with everyone.
And Charlie love Goodnature company! Used the CT 7 the first year and made the big leap to the X1 a couple months ago. Your staff (Eric, Deb, Karrie, and Ari) have been great through the journey!


Hi Rene’,

Would love to here how you started up the cocktail side of your business. Did you just reach out to owners, bartenders or experiment on your own?


Hello, Fellow Juice Business Owners!
My husband Jake and I own True Juice, an organic juice bar and cafe’ in Oregon. We LOVE what we do and are blessed every day by the stories of how our juice has transformed customer’s health and lives. This is a unique positive in the business we are all in, isn’t it? There aren’t many other ventures where you get genuinely thanked throughout the day, every day, for doing what you are passionate about!

After experiencing several health and autoimmune issues, I started juicing in about 2010. When a blood test immediately following my first 15-day Juice Cleanse revealed that the scariest of issues had literally RESOLVED itself via juicing, I became a believer over night.
Next, I was juicing for everyone in my family, blogging and posting about juicing and generally just annoying everyone with juice stories.

My juicing passion led me to gain my post grad certification as a Health Coach via my alma mater ( CSULB) ; and finally when a location and opportunity opened up, my husband and I remodeled a building in our historic district using mostly repurposed materials and opened the juice bar in 2016.

At first we just did made to order juice, smoothies, smoothie bowls and other drinks and snacks, but because we are the only all organic place in town, our customers kept asking us when we would add food :grinning:. We did, gradually… and today we have a full lunch menu, utilize both the centrifugal juicer AND our X-1 Mini to keep our cold case stocked for those who want the grab and go option, have a flourishing Juice Cleanse Program… we’ve expanded in our building to also now include massage therapy, yoga / tai chi / and juicing classes regularly plus community programs and sponsorships. We were also the first Blue Zones Certified “restaurant” in our city, which has some great marketing perks associated.

So excited to get to know you all and share & learn together.
Thanks, Charlie, for setting this forum up!! :green_heart:


Hello from Iowa, U.S.A. !

My name is Becky and I am just getting into this. I am more of a repotted gardener in a state of conversion from smoothies, because there is really just too much pulp in the smoothie.

I bought 35 acres 2 years ago and have been clearing and planting fruit and nut trees, blueberry and red raspberry bushes & asparagus.

Now that the outdoor stuff is tucked in for a winter rest, I am just starting another indoor hydroponic garden for greens and hope to try strawberries after I get my planting cycles established.


Hi everyone. My name is Amra. I am originally from Bosnia, I lived in Australia for a big part of my life and currently I live in Bucharest, Romania with my family.

I am founder and owner of a cold pressed juice business here in Bucharest. Our name is Cold Pressed Juicery. ( how original no ? :))))) Our site is if you want to check us out. We have a kitchen from which we supply a number of niche health shops and outlets locally. We also sell online and deliver Cold Pressed juices, milks, cleanse packs. We don’t have a physical location, I mean juice bar. My dream is to continue making high quality products and to reach as many people as we can. To help people improve their lifestyles one juice at time :star_struck:

I love juice, I am in love juice, I love juice and did I mention that i love juice :rofl::two_hearts::two_hearts: I had some health issues and that’s how I first came across Cold Pressed juice. I had a 7 Days juice cleanse, in the secluded juice retreat somewhere in Turkey in a attempt to help my autoimmune disease. Having jumped into it straight in without cleansing or any type of preparation I can truly say that I had the worst time and best time of my life. After this experience I knew I want to work with juice. That was it, 7 years ago. Still remember the moment when I decided. It did not make any sense for many ( I am a Telecommunications engineer by profession :rofl::rofl::rofl:) but for me it was everything. I am very grateful to do what I love , juicing :two_hearts:

I think I wrote too much anyways :rofl: I just wanted to thank Charlie and the entire team not only for making amazing equipment but for everything else they are doing for juicing community. I really feel part of a very special bunch! Thank you for your willingness to always help out! It means a world. I am looking forward to meeting you all next year at JuiceCon.
:smiley: Amra


Good morning! I am Heidi currently living in Alabama. My experience at Juicecon was a priceless experience. I met amazing contacts that have shared knowledge and inspired me. I am making strides to move forward with my plans. Again, Thank you for the entire weekend!


Hi I’m Tracey and I live in Scotland in the UK. I’m a qualified natural juice therapist and launched my own (small) cold pressed juice business in January 2018. I only deliver to locals at the moment but would love to be able to offer deliveries in future and also build my therapy side to the business up. I have juiced myself for over 10 years and took it seriously around 3-4 years ago after my mum was diagnosed with lung cancer. Looking forward to learning from within this group and gaining so valuable advice. Thanks Tracey x


My name is Agustin Kingsland, from Uruguay.
After visiting several countries annualy (more than 30) for the last 12 years, and seeing the growth of this industry on each country i visited, health benefits, amazing recipes, and becoming a Juice fan by myself, i started my own company @bejuicefactory one year ago (Wholesale-Non HPP).
Pros (Almost everything!)
Cons (Nothing new…produce costs change a lot from season to season, changing prices radically, Winter time (ideas?), juice returns)
We already bought an X-1, now looking for an X-6. Thank you @AriS for your initial advices (met you in L.V one year ago)
Hope this blog will help us, with new info and advices, so we can do our best, bringing quality products to our communities, on a responsible way.
Hope to see you at JuiceCon next year.
Kind Regards.


Hi everyone! Latecomer here. It’s great to reconnect with everyone — I certainly miss the energy from JuiceCon and meeting everyone.

A bit about me:

  1. From Washington DC, originally from Vancouver and New York

  2. I’m the founder of JRINK, an omni-channel juice subscription business and a brand of a greater family of wellness brands aka Wellthy & Co. Our newest brand is Apothékary launching next week:

  3. Juice is an amazing way to stay healthy when busy. I don’t know how I would get my greens otherwise, when busy.

  4. I spoke about omni-channel business at JuiceCon. We’re launching our pilot app in Q1 so for those interested in trying it out, shoot me a note at

Looking forward to meeting and connecting with everyone here!



Hi, it is amazing experience for me!
My name is Denis, I am from Brazil.
I will open my company, this year in Europe.
Now i am studying the best recipes.
Please, can you give me, suggestions for recipes green juice?

Best regards.