Request topics and speakers for 2019

What would everyone like to see at JuiceCon 2019?

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Marcus Antebi from Juicepress.


More Vendors.
Different Location.
More ways to expand
Creative Marketing
Group Activities


I would love to be able to attend physically but incase I am unable to make the trip, I would love to virtually attend keynotes, break out discussions, etc…

I know I wouldn’t get the most out of the opportunity but at least I wouldn’t miss it entirely.



Would love help with SSOP’s and HACCP, the details about insurance, CPA, attorneys and the not so pretty about launching a business.

Donald Miller from Building a story brand for marketing


Marcus Antebi from Juice Press. I would love to see him speak!

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Good morning!
I would appreciate a space for socialization of:
-Food safety
And also more vendors displays


Having not gone to the 2018 event, I’m curious if this event was focused mainly on US markets/regulations? Will there be sessions/speakers at the 2019 event focusing on international regs, etc?

Also would love to see some kind of focus on sustainability/environment/food waste! I see a lot of juice companies focusing on glass these days and making use of “seconds” when appropriate and think that is just so awesome. But I also would love to know more about the logistics surrounding these ideas and what is involved to make them financially viable. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


We did talk a lot about reducing waste at the event, but that should definitely be an ongoing topic of conversation that we can continue at future events

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YES! Virtual/recorded options. Great suggestion, I second.

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Sorry I missed this earlier. We will be posting keynote speeches on youtube.


Yes, speakers from different locations will be great

I agree :point_up: it would be very beneficial to have someone speak from a new buisness perspective. “What to expect your first year” and “What you can run into before opening” I know I would have benefited from this type of speaker at my beginning stages. Now that I’ve finished my first year, I have had a little time to reflected on the things I could have done differently. I see how beneficial it would be to have had someone shine a light on the hurdles I would have to cross.


Hi Charlie! Are the keynote speeches now on YouTube? Thank you!

Yes you can see them at

We still have several more we are working through.