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My name is Greyci Miranda, Born in Nicaragua , raised in Miami Florida, Founder and Owner of Naturally Blessed Co. a company with the only mission to impact peoples health with the power of nature. 2007 I was diagnosed with colon cancer, as a mother of three I got so scare and frustrated, after doing a few researches I found the power of juicing and started my self, MY DOCTOR WAS SURPRISED!!! I YEAR LATER I WAS CANCER FREE with juicing only. Since then I being juicing and learning more about the power of fruits and vegetables. 2015 I became a certified nutritionist / health coach as part of this I became education and helping so much people in my community through the juicing and nature. I feel so blessed after nature impacted MY LIFE that I decided to call my company
NATURALLY BLESSED!!, the challenge to grow my bussiness have being so hard since 2015, I being going through a few family situations including, domestic violence, divorce, my kids custody etc… that have been keeping me up and down, NO HESITATING that things happens for good reasons, HERE I AM STRONGER THANK EVER AND NOT GIVING UP!!! One day I want to inspire my kids, family and so many single moms in this community and field. I look back today and little by little since 2015 I had done so much beside all the rocks on the way THAT MAKES ME FEEL SO PROUD OF MY SELF. MY DREAM TODAY!!! IS ONE DAY TO BE ABLE TO BUY THE GOODNATURE X1. ( I am working towards there now) I LOOK FORWARD TO KEEP SHARING SUCCESS AND MEET ALL OF YOU NEXT JUICECON 2019. Visit my web to learn more about us ( (I am open to opinions, ideas, etc…) REGARDS AND MANY BLESSINGS ON YOUR JUICING BUSINESS JOURNEY. Greyci Miranda


Hello Denis, after few researches I love this two and they are extremely successful in my business. good luck. Greyci M
Naturally Blessed Co. Owner-Founder
1- Pineapple, kale, spinach, green apple, lemon and chia seed.
2- Celery, pear, green apple, cucumber.


Thank you.

I will try this recipes.


Hello! Kate from Pennsylvania. Own and operate Raw Replenish, an organic smoothie and raw juice bar. Coming up on 3 years in business. Proud owner of the Goodnature Countertop CT7 since Oct 2016. I wasn’t in attendance at Juicecon, but really wanted to be. It’s on my goal list for 2019! Looking forward to connecting and learning with you! Thanks for creating this forum.


My name is Laura and I am from Indianapolis. I started working in the Juice Industry in NYC around 2000 where my husband and I ran the first Juice Bar in NYC called Lucky’s Juice Joint in Soho. After Lucky’s closed due to gentrification, we traveled around the festival circuit for a couple of seasons before moving out of Brooklyn and opening Natural Born Juicers in Indianapolis. We currently have 2 locations and a Juice Truck and we are putting the finishing touches on a franchise plan. I have been doing this for so long that I can’t imagine my life without Juicing. I am so excited that this forum exists. I have been dreaming about a supportive community of juice bar owners for years. It is such a difficult industry and such a labor of love.


Thank you Stephanie :slightly_smiling_face: always happy to help our customers grow!


Hello Everyone,

My name is Pascalina Ane and I am a Ghanaian. I started juicing five years ago basically as something I did for personal and home consumption . It gradually became a passion and a full time business. I have been juicing full time for a year and half now . Doing this full time brings me so much joy and satisfaction, the fact that I impact people’s eating habits in a positive way makes me never want to quite but rather do more . Healthy Break , which is the name of my business has just one employee, which is me. It is a start up so I basically work from home . I hope to grow Healthy Break into something bigger and better , I look forward to purchasing a cold press juicer and gradually setting up a juice bar .
I am really excited about what this group has to offer and I look forward to learning more about juicing and how best I can improve myself and products so I can offer Ghanaians the best natural juices .
I have a business page on Instagram @healthybreak_gh


Hi Lynne (@Juicinchick)! I grew up in Livonia, NY - not far from Rochester! Now living in BC Canada. Glad to hear there is juice happening in western NY! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes I know exactly where Livonia is. You have a juice bar in what town?


Wonderful! Do you have a store-front in Rochester somewhere? I’d love to recommend your juice to my parents (who still live in Livonia :slight_smile:).

I’m based in Kelowna, BC! :slight_smile:


Good morning fellow juice people!

Thank you to everyone who worked to create this forum; it has been so wonderful to read these stories of juice from around the world and it is inspiring!! :slight_smile: I unfortunately missed JuiceCon this year but it sounded like it was a pretty amazing experience so I hope to attend next year.

I’m based in Kelowna, British Columbia (Canada! :canada:) and am in the planning/market research phase of my business (Jars of Juice). Still a newbie! I plan to operate as a delivery service while also providing juice for small businesses, wellness retreats, and events. My focus will be on local, seasonal produce (when available) and serving all juice in glass, always.

Juice was an eye-opener for me! As many of you probably also did, I watched the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and it transformed how I thought about health treatments. At the same time, I was heavily involved in advocacy work surrounding minimizing our collective consumption of single-use plastics and eventually the two merged: heal the body with fresh juice and heal the planet by opting for glass containers and avoiding plastic bottles.

I’m keen to connect with other like-minded juice lovers on this platform (sounds like that’s just about everyone here!) and especially other Canadian-based businesses. :slight_smile: When I’m not juicing I’m probably practicing yoga, writing stories of sustainability success, or feeding my pulp to my backyard flock of 7 chickens, all of whom l-o-v-e kale. :wink:

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Cheers :tangerine:
~Ryan Elizabeth


Yes 777 Culver Road Rochester at Lorraines. Kitchen Verde and



I am Maria Mattheisen from Budapest, Hungary.

I am a certified juice therapist and the founder of Santé juice. We make juice for resale businesses and individual clients, also give health coaching and juice therapy consultation. Alongside that the brand has a juice bar and an allergen free restaurant and coffee place.

Juice has completely changed my life! I have started my juice education because of my baby son’s skin condition ten years ago (by now he is completely cured) and never looked back.

I am glad to be part of this, thank you!


Fabulous! I will give them these details and hopefully they check your biz out. :slight_smile:



Am Flavia Jason from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.In the past 1 year I got to learn a lot about juicing while recovering from a crisis (am a sickler), it helped me a lot in gaining back my health and strength and got inspired into working towards opening my own cold press juice spot (its something very new here) so as to help others through juicing.

Hope to learn more from you all.


I am Evelyn Odigha from Nigeria. So glad to be connected to Good Nature Community. I developed the passion for juicing in 1999 when I began my journey to motherhood and in an attempt to feed my family with the right nutrients. Gradually, I extended this gesture to my church leadership and realised everyone was just so excited taking it. Right now, I am setting up a juice bar to enable me reach out to the community at large and Nigeria as a whole. I am looking forward to getting the Good Nature X1 juicer in future. Thanks to Good Nature Family.


Hi Denis!

You can find two very popular green juices in our 6 Essential Recipes for Cold Pressed Juice Guide, one is a sweet green and one is a more hard core green with less fruit. You can download the guide here:




My Son spent a year in Tanzania !! He is 32 now and a juicer himself, with a wife and 4 children. Small world we live in.


That’s great Karen. Its a small world indeed. Welcome to Tanzania


Hi, there! I’m Aubrey, and I’m the Assistant Manager and the owners’ PA of Natural Born Juicers in Indianapolis!

We are a raw, no-Hpp, full-service juice bar in Indianapolis! We’ve been at our current brick and mortar for 4 years, and operated out of a juice truck and the City Market for several years before that! I’ve personally been with the company for 4 years, and absolutely love it!

Aside from developing a healthier lifestyle during my times with NBJ, I love the relationship we’ve developed with our customers! We’ve seen babies grow into green-juice drinking toddlers, seen dramatic health changes, and introduced people to ingredients they didn’t know existed, let alone that they needed! I think my favorite recent experience was a teacher telling us our juice replaced her 3 bottles of wine a night habit. I love knowing that we’re doing some good for someone, even if it’s baby steps at a time. <3