A Hello to the community

Hi everyone,
My name is Keith Provost and I just bought my X1 mini. I have been home juicing for about 15 yrs. I am retired LEO, a professional photographer, I have owned 2 gyms in the past and a professional bodybuilder. I have been tossing the idea around for a few years to start a juice company but was out in California doing inspections on electrical transmission lines with drones.(Industrial drone pilot). Being out in California I saw how popular fresh juice is. In my area… there are zero fresh juice options. Now is the time.
I have decided to take baby steps though, and am going to do subscription-based and delivery based business model only. Still working out how to produce. in a food truck (county health dept) or build a small commercial kitchen on my property and work with NYS Ag & Mkts. NYS is easier than the county health dept. the county health dept, due to no other experience in raw juice, was initially requiring scheduled processes for every recipe and a full HACCP.
I have been visiting local farms and came up with an idea just yesterday.
We cannot wholesale unless HPP is used, but I can make series of juices, say
“Local Series” and brand them with the local farms I buy from. So yesterday I want to a organic farm “Fledging Crow” and discussed with the owner that I would like to source locally as much as possible, and we ended up discussing how to make a deal to label some of my juices Fledging Crow. I buy from him, and he gets branding help with my juice. Still working out details. It’s a way to be communal and get past the limits on wholesale. Just an idea.
I am very very excited to FINALLY do this.
I appreciate the wealth of knowledge I have been reading here, and I have to say, in my shopping and talking with other owners from across the states, GoodNature has an exemplary reputation, and you have been very helpful to me. Poor Lora has had to deal with my emails for 2 years :joy:
I look forward to making new friends.


Congratulations on taking the first step Keith and welcome to the Goodnature community. There’s a wealth of knowledge here so you’ve landed in a good spot to start! Wishing you all the best from Northern California…

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Hi Keith,

Congratulations!! I am currently operating my juice business as a delivery only but I am in the process of opening a brick and mortar location.

I started in June of last year working out of a shared kitchen space/commissary and I participated in local health & wellness events and the farmers market. During those events I gained customers and began delivering juice to them weekly. It proved to be a successful model for me and I hope that you will be successful as well.

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