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Hi all,

Because I don’t have a retail shop I have been trying to get creative as to how I can implement various ways to sell more juice.

Below are a few ideas that I’d like to pursue/implement:
Juice subscriptions? Or, juice memberships? Maybe these are one and the same? Subscriptions seem to be only via online sales platform such as Shopify. Is a juice membership different?

Juice 10-punch card – Anyone out there create a promo with a juice punch card? For me the intention in creating a punch juice card is to offer locals a discount on the juice. I’m not sure if this is the smartest business decision as I’m still a young business on a shoestring budget. However, I want the locals, who are worker bees like myself, to have the opportunity to enjoy fresh, organic cold-pressed juice too.

And, because we have an off-season or shoulder seasons, this is an opportunity to generate funds upfront during these more lean and slower times of the year.

These may be obvious options to generate sales so if there are other ideas/programs that have been successful for you, I’d love to learn more.

Any and all thoughts/ideas/suggestions (and constructive feedback) as to why or why not to pursue these options would be so helpful.

Thank you, thank you!

High Lift Juicery
Crested Butte, CO

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Why did you delete it? I think that info could be useful to other people


I deleted it because nobody commented/viewed/responded. I appeared that it was not useful or of interest. Or, maybe this is common sense info for those who are veteran juicers?

I can post again as I would like to hear from others and would like to hear from you, Charlie. I was trying to get creative as without money/investors, those of us who are new and tiny in operation are stuck between a rock and a hard place. And, there are a handful of us who are struggling.

Without the ability to sell wholesale due to dysfunctional laws or the one-size-fits-all mentality enforced by the FDA/health dept. we are screwed! That was the impetus of my post. How to crack the code? How to get around this?

We are fueled with passion and believe in the medicinal benefits of fruit and vegetables and yet we can’t provide that without killing everything and putting in a plastic bottle. This is my opinion of course, and feeling a little frustrated right now, but without lobbying for new/different laws or being able to amend them, what is our recourse? Is that something the juice association can help with?



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The inability to sell wholesale is a HUGE roadblock that we all share. I built my business plan on the assumption that I could wholesale juice (my lack of research when drafting my business plan). That being said there are certain ways to stay within the boundaries and still offer something akin to wholesale.

  1. For juice catering, since in Las Vegas we cannot deliver the juice, I make it very clear to the client that we will not be delivering the juices, but they are available for pick-up. I even include coolers and equipment for the client to transport the juice (I do two separate invoices, one for juice one for equipment and with the return of the equipment the invoice is cancelled).
    By the client picking up the juice, THEY assume liability for mishandling the product. We set them up for success as much as humanly possible and tell them to get the juice to a fridge ASAP. This is perfectly legal and is in the same vein and having a food delivery service (UberEats, Postmates, etc) pick-up juice for an online customer.
  2. if you find a partner that wishes to buy your juice, again if THEY pick-up the juice from your product facility/ storefront the same rules apply as above. Labelling the origin of the juice becomes tricky as the product was made in your place, but bottled or served at another.
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Hi! My business is very new and I’m in PA but I have loyalty cards that get punched and after nine the customer gets free juice of their choice, 16oz. Also, I have just started a Juice On The Go! program. The customer comes in to the store and can purchase preordered juices. We recycle the jars and there is a .50 discount if you bring your jar back. That has gone over very well. Here in PA I can deliver juice directly to my subscribers. It’s only wholesaling for me if I sell juice to a store who then sells it. I can locations I call Juice Drops, like gyms, wellness centers etc. that have a small refrigerator where the customer can pick up prepaid for juices. As far as memberships go. I send out a monthly newsletter and include specials and coupons that are exclusive to subscribers.

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Hi Aaron,

Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it. Wholesale is a huge roadblock. My wish is that there were different levels, or options with a criteria or something that would allow folks to be more self-organizing if that makes sense. But, that’s part of a larger conversation.

A few questions: Do you have a retail space? Or, work out of a comm. kitchen and have clients pick up their juice at a specific spot? Trying to figure out how your system could work here. Or, a customized version.

I do not have a storefront so I am trying to find creative ways to connect with my community of juicers and distribute juice since selling wholesale is not readily available to me.

Thanks again!

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Hi Jen,

I love your ideas regarding Juice on the Go! and Juice Drops. I don’t have a storefront so I feel homeless. Truly!

Do you provide mini beverage fridges to those Juice Drop places? Or, do these gym and wellness centers let you use their fridge as a favor to you? Or, do you give them a percentage of sales? Curious.

Are subscriptions different from memberships?

Thank you for your help. So appreciate it!

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We are a brick & mortar so we are easy to find. Everything flows in and out through there. Do you have a single production kitchen?


Each location has it’s own “deal”. We have become “homeless” to allow more flexibility at this time. I am going to approach a coffee shop with the idea of selling juice on consignment. They would get a percentage from each sale. Also, I have a once a month location as well as a once a week location for selling. We are growing our online sales. I love meeting my customers and creating a community.

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