Point of Sales options


Hi everyone,

Opening our very first juice bar soon (located in a pilates studio/holistic center). YAY!!!
I am wondering what everyone uses for their juice businesses Point of Sales.

Do you integrate it with your website?

Online orders/Subscription service?

How much do you pay?


Do you have a different credit card processor?


I use shopify, they have website, POS, subscription options. Very user friendly and can add apps for different things if needed to customize even more if needed


thank you! Shopify is the number 1 on my list. I am just looking to see if there is any option out there that I haven’t explored.


I know I’m a bit late, but depending on your volume you need to shop around. I recommend checking ShopKeep as they have a price match guarantee, although I do not use them. The rates are not set and can be negotiated. We just switched to Wells Fargo with the clover system. It will save us $10k+ a year over square. It made sense for us at about $600k gross sales/year. We hope to continue to grow, but there is no contract until you hit $1M gross sales in a 12 month period.

I hope this helps, but definitely negotiate!


Shopify also has a juice business management app coming soon. Shizu Okusa presented about it at juicecon. Will be posting video either this week or next.


Is giving up over 2 percent and 30 cents per transaction really worth being with Shopify? I understand the e-commerce aspect they bring, but that is really high. That’s on top of a monthly rate plan too. I would look for something without the percentage rate and/or below 10 cents per transaction.


@Kthiem are you saying you only pay less than 1% on credit card transactions with clover?


Charlie! Sorry it took me so long to respond. I have attached what I pay for service. I will say that I had lower offers. For example shopkeep offered $9.99 monthly fee and $0.05 cents per transaction. I’m sure I could have kept playing merchants against each other, but I was able to group in some other services with the merchant we chose.


thanks for sharing this!