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hello fellow juice owners, we are ready to take our weekly subscription membership to the next stage. Does anyone know how to create a membership program where a customer pays a monthly membership fee to get access to exclusive pricing and benefits?

Currently we do a weekly subscription where we deliver minimum of a 6 pack with zeal tote and free delivery. but we want to make it more customizable online for them as opposed to a point system as we are a delivery service and do not have a store front.

Thanks guys for any feedback!


The membership type I’m familiar with is to pay a monthly fee, and receive discounts on juices. Two I know that work like this (last time I checked) are Pressed Juicery and SkinnyFats (Las Vegas).

Customers are very loyal when they are paying a membership. Sort of like why people only buy from Amazon once they are a prime member!

That’s exactly what we are wanting to do, do you know what service they use for that membership platform?

Thanks Charlie :slight_smile:

Which software do you use for taking orders? They may offer a subscription solution.

We currently try use square up for our pos and weebly for our website

I believe they both offer subscription management!

It might be tough to use two separate systems. You may want to consider getting your website to integrate with Square so everything is in one place.

I found this:

And this:

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yes we have these set up for our weekly subscription orders and we love it :slight_smile: its more of the membership part were trying to figure out like a secret member only menu I guess, Still doing the research. Will definitely share when we figure this one out.


Have you figured out what a membership would look like?
And, what does a subscription look like?
How would I implement that? I have a storefront business