Juice Subscription

Hi juice lovers!

We are moving locations at the end of the year and are really brainstorming new things we can offer customers with more space, more employees, and hopefully a lot more exposure. One of the ideas we love the most is a “Juice Club” for customers to pay a small monthly fee and get access to in store discounts, bulk options, free smoothies, etc. We started ironing out logistics and are stuck. I have read on other forum posts that some of you guy offer this type of juice subscription/memberships! I am curious… do you use a subscription service to charge them monthly and keep track of customers? How do you keep track of who has paid?

I think that it will be the easiest and most efficient if customers are able to sign up and pay for the Juice Club through our website rather than one of us going and individually signing up and charging customers. Has anyone had any luck with this type of thing? Maybe a plug in that is compatible with your website?

We are at the very beginning stages of this so super excited to hear all your suggestions and ideas!

Thanks so much.

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