Strictly Juice As The Main Selling Point


Aloha. Greetings from Northern California where I’m about to open my own juice hub.

I’m curious if anyone has been successful by simply serving cold-pressed juice as their only revenue item. I am planning to have smoothies, salads, etc., but to begin simply, perhaps the juice will profit and sustain the business at first.



Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Are you opening a retail store in the beginning?


That’s how I’m starting; with a small core offering of juices to get me up and ticking along. I plan to add smoothies and seasonal offerings as I go, then maybe shots and who knows?


I think it’s better to offer more, right from the beginning. Most juice bars make more revenue from non-juice items than they do from juice. Since you will have the high overhead cost of a retail space, you really need people coming in that mat not just be looking for juice.

Maybe you could start with a core menu of juices, smoothies, and bowls and go from there?


Well my location is not classic retail; it’s the kitchen in a shared artists studio, so my overhead costs are relatively low. My plan is to start by keeping costs low and focusing on the minimum viable product and grow from there.


Ah gotcha! Yeah that’s definitely doable then. If you don’t have a lease on a retail space there’s much less pressure.


That is how I started my business and operated it for its first 15 months (juice Cleansing, subscriptions, wellness shots). I’ve since expanded into smoothie, smoothie bowls, soups, salads, vegan baked goods. My customers love the variety and having more choices on my menu really helped grow by business.


Retail, yes. I have been serving the juice at the local farmers market and events here and there until the kitchen is finished.
Your experience and knowledge is appreciated. Thanks for the advice, everyone!