Questions for juice delivery only business owners

Do you only offer juice or do you offer other products? If so what other products do you offer?

Also, what marketing and advertising efforts are proving to be successful for you?

I started last summer working out of a shared kitchen space and primarily doing events and the farmers market. I purchased the X1-Mini but I didn’t want to put it at the shared kitchen space I was working out of so I have started working on having my own kitchen and I am in the finishing stages of it but I still want to operate as a delivery business only as my husband and I are doing this alone but need to increase my customer base/sales.



I have been using a shared kitchen for the last couple years. I have found success in attending local events (best if related to health and wellness), sample tasting events at fitness centres and mainly I’ve been doing farmers markets as well. This has helped build a customer base for delivery option as well. Gives the customer a chance to meet you and sample the product as well :slight_smile:

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It sounds like we are doing most of the same things. The one thing I haven’t been to has been the fitness facilities because. My plan was to do that but the health department said that I would have to get a temporary event permit for each place I go to and that the place I was going to would have to complete a form that they are having an event as well. That deterred me a bit.

Do you sale juices only or do you also sale other products such as smoothies, smoothie bowls, soup, salad, or healthy snacks?