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I am in the beginning stages of starting up a juicing delivering business. For those who have a delivery business, how do you market yourself? Meaning, what was your best approach to getting your clientele? Besides the whole social media route. I am thinking of starting with fitness centers, yoga and pilates studios. What kind of incentive do you suggest I give them for helping me promote/sell my product? Any help is greatly appreciated!


I realize you said beside social media route but have you looked into paid advertising online? You can target people in your delivery area. I think the payoff would is better than promotion in the physical world.

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We are in a rural area not sure how the advertising online would work in a small town atmosphere? What I am really try to ask is, how to set up offering my juice in some fitness areas? What type of incentives would you suggest I give them and how could payment be made? (I assume most places are not going to want to buy my juice and resell it. I would want the customers to pay me directly) Any payment suggestions?

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Hey @ahaselwander these are good questions and is a broader discussion. A few thoughts:

  1. I would suggest doing juice tastings at every place or venue that has a “warm audience” (yoga studio, gym, crossfit, etc). This is a much easier sell for your juice than to people who don’t know anything about health and lead to higher conversions.

Tactically, don’t forget to get the people trying your juices’ email – the whole point of events is customer acquisition and brand awareness. I suggest getting a Mailchimp account and putting a cute frame with the QR code printed so people can easily sign up ($10 off their first order as an incentive) vs paper sheets that might get lost or wet.

On the brand awareness side, post and ensure they repost you, getting followers back. Aligning yourself to gyms is smart because they likely have a captive audience that is mildly obsessed with the coaches there. If you can build some type of influencer program, even better. The reason influencers work is because you A. get free content B. earn the trust of their followers and C. align with on-brand brands.

  1. If you’re planning to do a shared space with a gym / yoga studio, be ready to be privy to that place’s requirements. Typically you can expect to pay them rent or 10-15% of sales. A license agreement is pretty standard and keep it to 1-2 years with the first right of refusal to extend or leave. The reality is that some real estate is going to work, some won’t. Flexibility in this day and age is most important so you can move around. Again, don’t forget about the emails!

  2. Do some giveaways with local brands. Offer gift cards, cleanses, etc. it’ll give you an opportunity to collect emails in mass and align with other companies as free marketing.

  3. As a digital-first company don’t forget to invest in some “talk worthy” packagaing and collateral. Make a statement and have your customers spread the word. Include some fun collateral for them to keep (eg recipe for a salad or smoothie, they can keep on their fridge and they won’t forget you!).

  4. Referrals is a great and cheap source of marketing. Use Shopify and look at the Apps that you can add on without building one yourself. A solid “give xx and get yy” program will incentivize your customers to spread the word. I assure you that referrals is the most sustainable source of brand awareness. @charlie talked about this in his blog post: https://www.goodnature.com/blog/choose-ecommerce-platform-juice-business/

  5. Invest in your product and customer service. If you have these parts then customers will come back. With patience and some time you’ll see things slowly but surely grow. Focus on your own lane.


This is a very helpful!!
Thank you!!!


This delivery was my plan I. The beginning but the health department put a stop to it. They are firm on the it has to be sold where it is juiced. They would rather Uber eats deliver then me. Even if I have a refrigerated truck.

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Where are you located?

Outside of Madison, Wisconsin

In the state of Wisconsin, direct sale to the customer is considered a retail sale.

Loved the “Bricks to Clicks” quote from the podcast. We look forward to expanding past the display fridge very soon after opening the brick house.


Glad to hear! Hope to see you at JuiceCon this year.

What do you use for packaging to keep your your juices cool? I’m I’m running into some trouble finding insulated packaging.

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