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I own a juice bar in Western Mass. we’re the only one within a 20 miles radius which is great but after nearly 5 years we still get some people in the door who’ve never heard of us. We’ve tried newspaper ads ( :face_with_raised_eyebrow: results are hard to track) and are hoping to expand our marketing efforts. We’ve also done Instagram contest and Instagram and facebook ads/ boosted posts. How do you advertise your business? I’m considering a radio or tv ad as well

We are in the same boat. We are looking into billboards and advertising in surrounding communities. Any other advice would be appreciated!

Save your money on radio and TV. They cost a tremendous amount and (in my humble opinion) are only good for multi-outlet companies.
Targeted FB & IG ads (not boosted, but targeting specific demographics such as yoga, health, vegan, etc) within a certain mile radius will get you better ROI then radio and TV and for much cheaper.
Yelp ads are decent, but Yelp is a really pain of a company to work with.
The BEST is Google Ads. Again, build your audience to target specific groups. Also, don’t discount Bing. Bing is installed on all non-apple smartphones as the default search engine.

We did billboards for 6 months. Major highway (250K cars/ day) 1 stop from my storefront. Cost was $1,000 for 2.4h/ day (digital billboard). Since there is no true metric to measure ROI, it was only asking customers how did they hear about us. In the 6 months, it was less than a dozen total. I will not entertaining the idea of advertising on a billboard again till I have multiple storefronts.

Tha’ts good data, thanks for sharing.

I don’t think a mass media campaign like tv, radio, billboard is a great idea since juice is still a very niche market. I think it makes more sense for mass-market businesses like bars or entertainment. Probably also +EV for very high margin product like plastic surgery, hence the reason those ads are everywhere.

As a follow up to social media advertising, it’s important to put the facebook and google tracking pixels on your site, so once someone visits your website you can target those individuals or similar groups with ads.

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