Juice Bar Inside of Yoga Studio - Need your powerful minds!

Hey all,

Curious if there any other juice bars tucked inside of gyms or yoga studios here? If so, what creative ways do you market to members of said establishment?

We have no signage due to town and building regulations and really need to focus on maximizing the opportunities inside the space. We press organic juices on the mini daily, offer smoothies and superfood shakes as well as Acai bowls.

Any input is appreciated!


I have seen this in Edmonton and in Lloydminster Alberta.

At a large gym in Edmonton, this appeared to work. The juice business was part of a chain.

I have also seen this at a community rec centre in Lloydminster. This never appeared busy when I was through vs. the other location in the same city, which did seem fairly consistent.

Just some observations from when I worked in western Canada.

Hey, JuiceRev!

We are located inside of a large gym with multiple other facilities attached to the building. By getting to know all of the administrative staff/trainers and even floor attendants/janitors, they have all supported our business and told fellow members. We’ve offer them free samples, affiliate employee discounts and even offer a helping hand here and there to their staff members. They continue to return the favors and business throughout the years. It’s obviously a lot of leg work & hustling around sometimes, but if you love what you’re doing it’s all good and will pay off! We used to find out what their workout schedules were and when they were launching big events to see if we could be there with drinks. Now, they come to us whenever there’s a workout event or if they are looking for someone to speak during their nutrition classes. Maybe ask to host a “gym & juice” or “meet me at the juice barre” event if your place has barre classes. Or a “juicing 101” talk. Potential customers love that. And shirts… they lovvvve gear! We used to be in a yoga studio and would offer samples (pre/post workout, “chakra”, etc.) as an incentive for people to come to class and they would end up buying those drinks off hand after a good workout. Think about what that target population would love (or what they need) and give it to them within limits.

Are you able to walk around with samples outside of your shop?

Are there digital marketing scrolls in your building? Not sure if that’s allowed with your regulations. We were able to get our info on 3 digital scrolls for free (by making friends and bartering) throughout the building which helps people learn that not only do you exist, but you are footsteps away!

Hope that helps — good luck!


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Kaitlin, thanks so much for taking the time to reply! These are all awesome tips, some we have executed some we have not. So on my list, is to execute the have nots!

I appreciate your input!

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You’re welcome my friend. Onward!