Starting a juice business as delivery

I’m looking for some advice. I’m in the early stages of planning a juice business with the eventual goal being to have a brick and mortar store. I’m needing to start lower cost because I don’t have enough to jump into a brick and mortar.

I’m specifically looking for advice on working with someone with a commercial kitchen to rent for juice production. I’m looking at starting with the X-1 Mini. So is it reasonable to work out a deal where I could leave the equipment in the kitchen even if I’m juicing once or twice a week to start?

Produce delivery or going to pick it up and storage of produce until juicing would require me to have access to walk-in cooler space. Also, walk-in space possibly overnight if I’m juicing in the evening and delivering the next morning.

I know each situation is unique, and I might have to work to find the right partner for renting kitchen space.

My goal is to juice and bottle, then have a handful of local places that I deliver to where my customers would pick up. There are a couple places nearby that people are already accustomed going to to pick up other local products that are “delivery”.

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Hello @mattberger24, not too uncommon, they have places called commissary kitchens where you can rent out time to produce your product, most will have everything you need minus the juicer. Also pretty common to work out deals with other brick and mortar restaurants that might not be open to you using during specific times.
My biggest piece of advice which is often overlooked is talk to local health department or inspection agency. Some areas require a HACCP plan if you produce bottled juice and transport to other operations, farmers markets or even if you have juice truck. Not a deal breaker but just something you should factor in that might be needed. Good luck I am sure a lot of people on here can assist with more details as well.


Hi @mattberger24

We have an article on starting a juice business from home that you might find helpful How to Start a Juice Business From Home | Goodnature


Thanks for the input!

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