New Juicery - Opening a new business post baby

To give some background, I currently have a two year old and am expecting in June. Prior to our unexpected surprise, I was in the process of opening my own Juicery/Bowl shop, now with this kink in my plan does anyone have any guidance or direction as to a good time line for after baby is due in June. What should be more realistic expectation of my time with open this Brick and Mortar Juicery??

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Congrats on the new addition to your family.
There are a lot of variables involved. Do you have a business plan, business or LLC established, financing, HACCP plan, a space picked out, a general contractor, etc? Those physical elements tend to take the longest.
Do you have a tentative menu? Ability to source the quality of ingredients/ produce you desire?
I have a brick and mortar that is just coming up on its first anniversary. It took me working mostly full-time for about a year from concept to store open. Of course, everyone operates at different speeds.