"In-House" delivery modules

I am curious if anyone has a module/ or HTML coding that they are using they can take orders from their website, have it flow to their POS (we use Square) to generate orders for delivery, hopefully also creating an order email as well?
We are a single storefront, and would have to restrict hours for ordering and range as well. The cost of 3rd party deliver services like Postmates, GrubHub and UberEats is so darn high and eats too much into our sustained margin. There has to be a better way.

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Hi Aaron,

We have a similar situation and we are using Square POS also. So far we have Square POS integrated with Weebly online ordering “powered by Square.” When a customer orders online, that order will flow through the Square POS and out to our KDS display system so the order can be made. That order is also sent to a designated email address we use for our online orders. It was relatively simple to set up once the Square / Weebly integration was in place and it seems to be working well. We are not doing deliveries yet, but our next step is to make this set up work for deliveries too. Happy to talk with you about it further. We can also talk about it in Miami if you are headed to JuiceCon.


We have an online ordering platform set up through our wordpress website. The plugin is called ‘Smart Online Order’ When an order is submitted I get a text message, and an email. In store, the POS system will ring, and print an order ticket and customer receipt. We are using clover, but im sure there is a comparable option for square


I will be at JuiceCon, and look forward to talking. Thanks again for the lead.

Excellent. Thank you!

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I found a system that may work. Orders2.me


Thank you for this. We use Clover too. Just getting website up in the next two mos. We will begin delivering subscriptions as well.