Cleanse Order Organization to BOH Production

Hi All,
We’ve been using an extensive paper tracking system to handle cleanse orders for 6 years now…it’s quite inefficient and easy for human error to occur. Has anyone created an automated system for tracking cleanse orders from customer order to back of house production/prep sheets per day? I’m sure larger companies have built their own in house software/apps.

Some of our cleanses are all coldpressed juice but others also include smoothies and food.

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Hi, maybe this software could help

I’m following this topic as we are in the same boat !!! Paper, paper, paper. Would love to shift to online ordering/payment, and just have them pop up in the morning for our cold press crew to access and run with (creating the packages ordered). If you come up with something good, let me know <3

@healthybeingcafe @goyate @Karen Hi all - I posted about this on another thread here but Canteen is very close to beta launch.

It’s the software system we use at JRINK to solve exactly the issues you guys have noted here in terms of online, store, and ad hoc cleanse orders and producing precisely enough everyday to minimize spoilage but meet demand.

Feel free to sign up for the launch in a few weeks:

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Thank you, Shizu… signed up!

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An easy way to start would be to move from paper to a cloud based app like Dropbox or google sheets. Create a spreadsheet that replaces what your paper forms/lists are doing and then access those apps on your tablets at the store or phone away from the store. Color the rows to represent different statuses of the orders (in production/packed/picked up or complete) and train employees accordingly. I found a DIY app program called Zoho where I built my own app that we use across our 2 locations and syncs to my phone that we use for juice inventory, produce counts, cleanse orders and other preorders, etc. With it, you essentially have a form you use to input the data and a reports tab to view the data. It works out nicely. I would also love to demo Canteen when it’s ready as it looks like they are working on a fully integrated system for all backend juice bar needs.

Here’s a screenshot of the app I built:


Thank you for these ideas. I’ve started several google doc spreadsheets for produce inventory counts and produce orders that function similarly. I will take it to the next level! Thanks again and good work!

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