Backend Management System/Inventory

I am curious what everyone is using as their backend management and inventory system to keep track of raw and finished goods inventory? I am looking for something that will allow us to keep recipes, costs of recipes, view on hand inventory for multiple locations for both raw and finished goods, and be able to transfer items between locations. We tried on-boarding Marketman for inventory management but their mobile app is lacking. Have a demo for Peachworks tomorrow to check out. Is anyone using something else successfully?


We use Avero inventory management. I am not quite sure how I like it, pros and cons. Take a look?

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There is something for juice companies specifically coming soon (I believe in March). Shizu Okusa with JRINK spoke about it at JuiceCon. I will update this thread with more info when I have it.


We’re interested too. BUMP :wink:

@Shizu_Okusa can you update us on timeline of the app?

Thanks @charlie @BOG @urgejuice cc @rich.

I am currently working with my partner, Ben Lucas, to create a software that serves brick and mortar companies, specifically juice ones with complex supply chain / inventory needs, to go “bricks to clicks”. Phase 1 will have a full stack of offerings including taking inventory in the cloud, recipes, costing, multi-unit P&L, staff / manager privileges, automating kitchen orders, managing PARS, and most importantly managing spoilage real-time with notifications. Phase 2 will start taking companies online with in-store pick up carts, subscriptions, and delivery. Phase 3 is more advanced for those looking to become really digitally savvy (>60% of revenue) with on-demand deliveries, scheduled deliveries and custom juices. If you believe the future is online, like I do, you’ll be interested in what we’re building.

We plan to debut the Beta version of Canteen (the name of the software) towards the end of April. We will be selecting a handful (5-7) of companies on our mailing list to do a soft launch with.

Feel free to fill out this form and we will be in touch + you’ll be the first to know when we’re launching:


Will I need to be using shopify to utilize Canteen @Shizu_Okusa? I’m currently using Big Commerce (website) and square but have looked in to Toast as our POS system.

Good news, @JillHow it can still be used without using Shopify. It will get integrated with sales and online orders through Shopify for Phase 2 and 3 as we develop the e-commerce sales part but if you’re primarily looking for an inventory / spoilage / recipe solution, Phase 1 will still be good for you.

Sign up for the beta launch coming very soon:

Any Qs email me at

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Good news! We use Clover and love it for our Brick store. We knows Clicks need to happen soon for us once we have production capabilities up to where they should be.

Is there any update on Shizu’s software Canteen?

Unfortunately I think the project is dead