Anyone else use upserve for their pos and inventory management? What are your thoughts?

We are currently trying to narrow down the different pos options and were very pleased with upserve and their integrated buyer profiles, custom reporting, and their inventory management options. Does anyone else use them? And if not, does anyone suggest a specific app for managing inventory and wholesale orders for multiple vendors? How do you track when to change vendors on specific produce that is overpriced? And what is your criteria for when you need to pull a menu item? Say it’s a seasonal item and you aren’t able to make a profit from buying that special produce, etc. or say you have shots that people are rarely buying. Also, say you are doing tastes at two different gyms - and one is not converting tasters to buyers - how do you decide which ones to get rid of?
Sorry if I’m rambling- my 7 month old baby had a bad night with teething and I’m a bit delirious!