BEST POS system

Will be opening my Juice and smoothie bar in July and at the stage of getting a POS system. Any suggestions?

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Welcome to the community!

I can’t answer your questions exactly but Popular ones I’ve seen in juice bars / cafes are:


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Thanks. I guess I will have research all 3 of them.

Hey, Bobby!

Congrats. We use TouchBistro:

We absolutely LOVE it. So user friendly, customer service & tech support are friendly too. They get shit done. We don’t have a restaurant, but a smaller cafe and the features are fabulous! They’re even coming out with a self serve system. You can contact Anthony Carione directly. He’s so fast and usually responds to me in minutes (sometimes seconds), even at odd times. Here’s his email:

You won’t be locked into anything and they won’t try to upsell you on everything either. It’s worth a look. Good luck on your search!

Thanks. Appreciate. Will follow up.

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I’ve been open for three months and I love my Clover POS!

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Thansks. I will check it out. Appreciate

I started a conversation with Clover. Do you mind giving me advise on what you negotiated?

I was able to get $0.08/transaction and .35% processing fee.

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We love our Clovers which we get through B of A / First Data.

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