Kiosk / self serve / honor system

Hi all!

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Kiosk set ups. I’ve had the opportunity to make juice on location and use fridge space in a restaurant/cafe. I was hoping to use a square terminal to have a self serve option so that I don’t have to be present. We live in the country and many farm stores do this with their products and I thought it would be a cool way to offer juice without having to be physically present.

Has anyone used the new square terminal ?
Has anyone managed a juice kiosk ?
Has anyone rented fridge space in a different location and what we’re the operating written terms like?

Any information is much appreciated!

Thank you

Great question, I wished someone had an answer for us.

Im glad that this floated back to the top. We have a rental space agreement with another restaurant. It is difficult to manage, but not impossible. We have our Square POS terminal there to maintain a presence. We offer our landlord a small monthly flat fee + % per bottle sold.

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