Kitchen display

Hi everyone,

I am expanding from delivery only to a full juice bar. I’m wondering if anyone uses a KDS (kitchen display system) a kitchen printer, or another system in place?



Hi Aleta, we use Square POS integrated to the Fresh KDS system.

This set up has worked well for us since it is fully integrated with Square allowing an order to be entered at POS and then depending on what is on that order (Juice, Bowl, Smoothie, Toast, Coffee, etc) will be sent to the corresponding KDS station. We even have the ability to send entire orders to a KDS display in the back of house for added visibility / oversight to show someone in back when the front of house is getting overloaded.

As for printers, we only use one as a receipt printer next to the cash drawer.

Hope this helps!


Hi Tom,

Yes, this helps me. Thank you for sharing. I am using the Square POS as well so this will be great.

Thank you,