Juice Business Podcast #3 - Shizu Okusa

Shizu Okusa is the founder and CEO of Wellthy & Co., JRINK, and Apothekary, and she’s releasing juice business management software called Canteen later this year. We talk a lot about digital marketing, ecommmerce, fundraising for a start up, and more.

The link to the feedback form we discuss is here.

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Thanks @charlie had a blast recording this with you. If anyone has questions feel free to post / ask away.


HI Shizu,

You said that the Canteen app will not be launching until April of 2019 but do you have any links or webpages that go a little more in-depth as to what the app entails?


was a great podcast… need to listen to again. Shizu is sharp. We want that App / Hub.:stuck_out_tongue:


This was an incredible podcast with hard skill data. I have listened to it twice now and insisted that my silent partner listen to it as well. Thank you both Charlie & Shizu :heart:


Sorry for the delay. More info posted here: Backend Management System/Inventory

Thanks for your interest! Canteen’s front end website will debut after the beta launch in May.