Formation of the National Juice-Makers Association


I was really excited at the idea of a National Juice-Makers Association at JuiceCon. I am curious who else is willing to start building the originizational infrastructure either with donating time or funds?

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Me! :slight_smile:

But yes if anyone else would like to volunteer time to help us form the association let us know.

@TheJuiceBoxLV I’ll reach out directly, let’s get on a call after xmas.

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We’re in! Donating time and efforts to make the Association a reality is something we are wiling and excited to do too! :raised_hands::smiley:


Good morning community!
We are ready to be part of the Juice Makers Association.
Have and excellent Day!!


This is an amazing idea. Count me in!

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Charlie is gathering the list of interest and then organizing a phone conference. Glad you are on board!

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Handling some admin and legal stuff now for the formation of the association, will let everyone know when we’re ready to start having meetings.


What do you guys think are priorities for the JMA?

  1. Scientific testing, education, reports on juice. We can use this data to make printed pamphlets that JMA members can give to their customers to help educate them.
  2. Promoting transparent labeling in the juicing industry. Agreeing on terms like “raw” and “cold-pressed” and what they mean.
  3. Buyers groups so members of the JMA can purchase produce and supplies in bulk as groups to save money.


Anything else?

@TheJuiceBoxLV @gingerjuice @Kaitlin_Soto


I would expand on #2 and once a consensus is reached on proper terminology the JMA begins to create a lobbying effort to protect smaller juice business. I think either you or your brother mentioned this at JuiceCon as well.

A secondary priority in my mind, would be a library of knowledge for juicing businesses that are looking to start. I think you mentioned that at JuiceCon 30% of attendees were looking to start a business. I know from my own experience if I had access to HACCP Plan templates, a list of GRAS and the detailed steps to be CCOF/USDA Organic certified, the timeframe to open would have been much shorter.


@TheJuiceBoxLV Yes I agree that once we mutually decide on which terms to use we should try to lobby for change in the FDA.

And the knowledge base for JMA members would be great.

@MLissa_HLJ to your point from the other thread, we definitely hope to change the laws eventually so small companies can wholesale. I think small juiceries should be able to wholesale in a local area, in order to deal with the short shelf life in a safe way.


Yes - putting the feelers out for 1. Education is key, with a little persuasion. There’s too much confusion and corruption in the nutrition world, even with evidence based practices. If we can get some solid research together to present and target it well, we’d have a better chance at change. I know Hanna Gregor and I had a similar idea to create a library or book of research articles (obviously with some humor for engagement) + translations to lay terms simply to put it all together and show people that what we do is not bullshit or pseudoscience. If we could get some larger voices on our side who currently practice with licensure (whatever that may be, registered dietitians giving medical nutrition therapy who actually support/believe in juicing, naturopaths, etc), we can supplement our arguments with plenty of ammo.

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I think all 3 need focus. There is such a need for labeling (or QR code as suggested) that establishes the difference for consumers between what is found at the grocery (and now some gas stations) and raw cold-pressed juice. I also would love to be able to show my customers real scientific examples of how consuming juice and a healthy diet can improve health and overall lifestyle. Lastly, I would find it invaluable to have a forum where all members are sharing information on purchasing supplies, produce, etc…


Well the good news is we already have a good start to the forum aspect here!!

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