JMA Initiatives & Committees

One of the major priorities for the JMA to undertake immediately is the formation of Committees based on the voted initiatives. Each Committee should address an initiative that was voted on by members as important. Each Committee should have a Committee Head and 2 - 4 members to research and execute the initiative
Based on the feedback we receive shortly after JuiceCon the top priorities voted on by JMA members are:

  1. Uniform Juice Labelling Standards
  2. Vendor Discounts
  3. US Lobbying to relax wholesale prohibition
  4. Process Certification
  5. Educational Materials on Juicing (health benefits, pros and cons of hpp and non-app, etc)
  6. Start-up materials including HACCP Plan

There were a few more topics, but didn’t gather much support. If you would like to join the JMA as a Committee Member, please express your interest here so we can compile a list. Thank you!

Thanks aaron, I would like to be involved in #1, #3,and #4, but probably not be the committee head.

I know my brother @eric has interest in #1 and #4 as well.

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Thank you. I will log that now.

Hi Aaron, thank you for your help to coordinate this effort. I’m seriously interested to help support #2 since I’ve put a lot of effort into this already and making good headway. Thank you… Tom

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Thanks Tom. I will log it now. I’m excited to see what headway you have made already