JMA Board of Directors Nomination & Elections

Here is the forum where you can nominate a member of the JMA you feel would make an excellent leader for the next year and a half. This position would be one of three seats to oversee the various committees, help with recruitment, plan further initiatives for the JMA to undertake, build strategic relationships with complimentary vendors, plan JuiceCon’s 2021 JMA presence among other duties.

There is a limit of 1 nomination per JMA company represented.

If you wish to volunteer for a JMA committee please see the topic JMA Initiatives & Committees

Let’s start to create the change we want to see in our world today!


Hi there! I’d love to nominate Olivia Esquivel to serve on the JMA Board of Directors. Please let me know if more information is needed to confirm her nomination. Any additional information can be emailed to Thanks so much!


I would like to officially nominate @TheJuiceBoxLV for president and / or board. He’s already proved to be very passionate about the association and has put in a ton of work to get it where it is.

And in regards to @gingerjuice’s nomination, I also think Olivea would be great on the board as well as and would welcome her addition.


Thank you Charlie. I humbly accept the nomination for the Board. - Aaron

Thank you Erin for nominating Olivia Esquivel for the Board of Directors. It has been recorded.

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Thanks so much Erin! Happy to accept the nomination! :purple_heart:

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Thanks Charlie!! Looking forward to seeing the impact of the JMA!

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