How to join the JMA

There are now over 60 members of the JMA and we’ve raised well over $30k. Most members joined at JuiceCon 2019.

The JMA website should be done in 3-4 weeks that will allow the public to view the benefits and manage membership to JMA.

Until then, you can use these links to pay the membership dues and get access to the benefits. Choose the one that most closely describes your business:

Juice bar / retail:
Juice Delivery:
International (non US):

If you pay dues, please email to let us know so we can give you access to the following benefits:

Membership webinar / video conference calls (currently one recording you can access, more to come)
HACCP plan template
Vendor discounts (bottles, consulting, etc.)
Member directory (currently being compiled)
Future benefits including being JMA certified, and being part of the movement to change the government’s view of raw juice.

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