JMA funded juicing documentary


How about JMA funding a documentary? Is it time for a new Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead?

Here’s my thoughts for a doc:

The setting is that several people do an extended juice cleanse, or maybe a raw vegan diet that includes juice but can also include food. Their lives all improve, get off their meds, become happier, lose weight, etc etc.

Throughout the film, we interview nutritionists, doctors, and other experts and attempt to dispel the myth that fruit sugar is bad. We also educate the public on the fact that raw juice is only as dangerous as the food that goes into it. It is not toxic and does not need to be pasteurized or HPP’d if it is consumed within a few days. If we do a good job of educating the public on this, it may help relax regulation on the distribution of raw juice down the road.

Formation of the National Juice-Makers Association

Brilliant! That’s one of the best ways to educate people! Easy for them to reference (and actually understand ) a documentary vs a boring PowerPoint, handout, etc.

Like the ideas on following people doing juice cleanses. I remember all of my dietetics teachers telling me how bad cleanses were. Puhhhhlease. For those people (and we have a lot in Joliet, IL) who might not go full vegan or raw, or even attempt a cleanse but simply supplement their diets would be good too. Not everyone is ready for a cleanse but they love to buy a few nutrient dense drinks to enhance their diets. We can encourage people at the end and maybe all start a cleanse or program together where everyone can follow along and communicate in a group online.

I’m sure you’ve got film crew contacts. I have contacts too. Most are are LA, some Chicago area - can shop around if you want. LMK!


I think we would end up shooting in LA a lot, so contacts there would be helpful. I don’t have any personally. I will ask around as well.

I read online that production budget for Fat Sick and Nearly dead was $2.6M. super size me budget was $1M.

if JMA members think it’s a good idea, and we can raise enough funds, perhaps we could produce the doc and sell it to one of the streaming services and use the funds for other purposes in the JMA.

Apparently since Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Hulu are all so competitive they are paying a lot for good docs, up to $20M.

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I think this is a great idea! How do you become a part of JMA? I think it would be interesting to follow through the juice journey at different levels to show that you don’t have to fast to see results. Maybe some of the participants just add 2-3 juices a day to their normal diet, some juice and eat raw or healthy vegan/vegetarian diets, and some fast? Would be cool to see the different spectrums of how juice can positively impact lives at all levels. Some of my customers feel it’s either fast or nothing so they don’t feel comfortable to do anything. I try to encourage them to start at the place that they feel they will stick with it. Anyway, I’d love to participate any way possible to help with this idea!


@JillHow yes I totally agree, too many people get latched on to “juice cleanses” and forget that juice is simply raw fruit and vegetables, and consumption is good, even if it’s not to lose weight or fast.

JMA membership will be available starting this November, when we officially launch JMA at JuiceCon.

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