Raw juice regulation in the US


Will be sending this article out today: https://www.goodnature.com/blog/the-war-on-raw-juice/

Would like to open up a discussion on the topic of the current regulations on raw juice in the US. How does everyone feel about it? Should be allowed to sell raw juice wholesale or not?


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I doubt you will get much push back from any juicer that we should not wholesale. I think that for a lot of us that are just starting out and considering it, we are shocked you cannot. It was a failure on my part that I didn’t research the issue further in the business planning phase. The avenues of revenue for juicers would explode with the ability to do wholesale for raw juice on any level. I get several requests weekly to wholesale our juice to restaurants and such. While there are sub-par work arounds, the logistics and cost barely make a profit for me. A direct wholesale method would significantly increase sales and exposure for my business. I don’t believe I would be in the minority of this belief.