Natural vs Added Sugar


It seems to be very common now that people are avoiding cold pressed juice because of the “high sugar” content.

I think all of us in the industry know intuitively that the sugar we get from natural fruit and vegetables is not the same as added sugar or juice from concentrate, but are there any studies that show that to be true?

If anyone can help with links or book recommendations that support this theory I would like to do some research so I can write an article about it and make a video.



This is from a juice bar blog (not mine)… but is a start…


I don’t have any books or research this topic but. I’ve been in the industry for 19 years and in my opinion, the best juice to drink on a regular basis is pure veggie juice and the occasional fruit juice. Juice has a TON of positives but it is still sugar and honestly should be consumed by the average person in 8 oz quantities. I have found over the years that the best way to lure peoples into a healthy lifestyle and to detox them off of the standard American diet is with fruit juice. I have seen over the years that with this “gateway juice” that eventually people develop the taste for raw veggie juice so we have always offered that option. I personally cringe at making cleanses with a ton of fruit juice but I do them because it gets people results and palatable juices that are high in sugar is what the public needs right now. Honestly, the thing I find beneficial about Juice Cleanses is that it jumpstarts people’s diets and they stop craving foods that are bad for them. It floods their body with live vitamins and minerals and Yin energy that is so badly needed with the Yang standard American diet and I never recommend any juices with sugar to people with Cancer. Like I said, I don’t have any books or links but I’ve been a juice nerd for a while and this is what I have picked up over the years in my book and human studies. Juice is one of those things people cycle in and out of even back in the day when it wasn’t really in the larger public consciousness but people always seem to come back to it.