Freezing juice - how do you feel about it?


I often make a batch of juice (about 10 bottles) and freeze half of it. I later thaw bottles per needed and it tastes fine! Not quite as good as fresh, but pretty close. How do others feel about freezing as a form of preservation? yay or nay?


I am also curious to hear what others have to say as I too freeze juice and feel it preserves the taste pretty well…but wonder if the nutritional value is also preserved…


Robin, good point, I’d be interested in some nutritional data on de-thawed frozen juice. Maybe a job for the test kitchen :grin:


I’m a nay on freezing, personally.
The pure velvety texture is one main reason that I’m so passionate about fresh cold-pressed juice and the frozen/thawed it seems like the beautiful vivid color changes, as well as the texture. Seems more watery to me. It’s subtle, but I’m a purist! LOL

As far as nutritional content, from what I understand and have researched, there is a slight degradation to the nutrients because the enzymes are not deactivated when freezing, so freezing only slows down the process that would be occurring in the refrigerator, it doesn’t stop it. Taking out as much air as possible before storing is a factor as well. Doesn’t sound like a few days or even a couple of weeks has much of an effect…seeing a lot of “good for 6 months in the freezer” information out there. Raw Generation freezes their juices as part of their process!

Plus, juicing is my meditation so I like to do it every day :wink:
Thanks for the thread and conversation, all…I look forward to what others have to say!


My holistic Dr told me he would rather have juice that was frozen then not have it at all. My friend who was being treated by him for cancer was told to make Beet, Carrot, Apple, Celery and freeze it. Her maintenance program required 8oz a day for the liver, best if fresh but frozen if not.


I think freezing is the best form of preserving juices , it helps keep it fresh and tasty for few days . After a week , taste would definitely change , but not necessarily turn bad.


On the same subject to freezing juice has anyone consider freezing Nut Mylk? The purpose is for smoothies, and I was going to test making coffee smoothies with ice cubbed Nut Mylk. I’m curious if anyone has tried this before. Thanks


I think freezing is ok, sometimes you wouldn’t want to juice every now and then due to a busy schedule. On the other hand don’t you find that a cold juice tastes better than a freshly made juice? I test my juice after freshly making it but find out that it tastes way better after some time in the fridge.


@Flavio yes I think the juice is best chilled. If you start the cold produce and are using a press the juice will come out cold. Even then, I do think it’s better once it’s either been in the fridge for a bit or put into a blast chiller, which some companies use to bring the juice down to proper temperature quickly.


I’m going to vote no on this one! Unless you have a flash freezer, the chances of preserving these nutrients quickly enough to retain value is unlikely. To my understanding nutrients such as vitamin C are temperature sensitive. Fresh is best!

Side note don’t freeze if you bottle in glass! I have had clients make this mistake in the past.