Coronavirus affecting juice business

I’m curious to hear how / if COVID-19 is affecting your juice business?

I would love to hear from both retail juice bars and wholesale companies.


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It is still very early, but my business has taken a large hit this week. The poor weather right now may contribute, but I am sure the unease of COVID-19 is not helping at all.

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So far business has been better than ever actually as people are loading up on the juice and boosters, we are hoping we don’t get shut down. For now we offer curbside pickup and delivery on larger orders. We are about to roll out monthly memberships which means ones less step when coming into the shop… wondering if others have any additional ideas to help navigate this uncertain time? If we close we will go under and we put everything into this…


Our sales are slightly down for this time of year (busiest month) but we’ve been selling a lot of our immunity boosters. We’re probably going to start limited hours and encourage calling ahead to order, and we are looking into starting deliveries to people so they don’t even have to come into the shop. I hope we don’t get shut down, people need their healthy juices to boost their immune systems!! But we’re doing everything we can to prevent our employees and our customers from getting sick.

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Hello everyone, I have a juice retail business in florence Italy… and we lived through it already… sales went up at first, then things got worst people stopped leaving their house, then the government closed down/ limited retail business to limit contagion. So make sure you are prepared for a radical change in business from one day to another … we went from full on sales to closing down in 6 days and our revenues went down 75% in a matter of days when the government announced national emergency … just be ready and don’t push it better closing down for a few weeks than having employees and clients risking getting sick.


We are experiencing a mini boom in business because people are wanting our organic juices and shots to boost their immunity and stay healthy. Employees don’t want to come in to work, but we are not having a dip in business!! :0


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Today, our town is going to enact an ordinance that limits restaurants to only delivery and pickup so we are implementing our logistics and taking it day by day. Some people are stocking up and we’re selling out of what people perceive as immune boosting but we are a full service, dine in cafe also and that business has dramatically dropped starting last weekend. Each day has been dropping. I’m worried for our team and the lack of income, we have to start cutting hours now. I’m worried for how we will recover from this as a business who, after 7 years of operating, was just seeing a decent profit in the past 2 years. Most of you know how challenging it is to make this version of a restaurant work financially, with our high quality organic and local ingredients. We are in a very seasonal, tourism driven community and this is normally our off-season so already a challenging time, but this will obviously hit us all much harder.

But, on the brighter side. I see this as an opportunity for our world to begin to value health on a mainstream level and start to change things for the better. We can emerge as leaders, guiding people to make what they eat and drink a priority. The earth is yelling at us to fix things and stop poisoning ourselves and nature. I hope we will all listen. We will continue to do our part, providing nutrient dense, vibrant food and drinks into our community, as long as we can.


This all seems like a bad dream.

Building our companies and having to limit hours, shut our doors, make layoffs has been heartbreaking. We had plans to open our second location next week, which has now been delayed.

For the first few days, our sales were normal, maybe even 5% higher than normal. As the days go on, we are seeing drastic slow downs because people in our communities want to keep their loved ones safe. We are implemented a no-contact ordering/pick-up system in our vestibule. We are hopeful this passes soon and we are going to do everything we possibly can to create extra revenue in these unknowing time.

@healthybeingcafe You’ve said it so beautifully. This is our opportunity to teach and education our communities about nourishment and how important healthy eating truly is.


Amanda -
We’ve implemented a front porch pickup and delivery service over the past couple days and our guests are receptive and excited but it hasn’t translated to any orders as of yet. We may have to close temporarily until these orders start coming in.

Maybe we can all keep each other informed here of revenue ideas that are working so we can all support each other. I will share as we have updates.


10 months in to my business, and I am primarily a pre-order/delivery service. I juice every Friday in a friend’s kitchen and deliver to my customers every Saturday. Last week was about 50% drop in pre-orders. So far this week, I don’t have any orders in the books, which has never happened.

Surprisingly, last week was my first week at the local farmer’s market, and I sold out. So, I’m not sure what that will look like going forward.

Fortunately, I have set up the business in such a way that if I don’t receive any orders, I just don’t juice, and it won’t hurt too badly.


Today was our first day of “social distancing” where we were limited to carry out orders only. We operate a retail juice and smoothie bar. Last week was extremely busy, especially Friday and Saturday. Probably our biggest sales days since we opened 7 months ago. Yesterday was a decent day but lots of uncertainty. Today was very slow, but not too bad overall. Although I will be reducing staff for tomorrow.
We are taking this one day at a time and making adjustments as we go. Scary times!

Thank you to everyone that took the survey we sent out today. I will compile the results and share them later this week.

Let’s all keep the discussion going here.

Stay strong and juice on!


Something that has generated a lot of interest is we are doing pre-orders for organic produce that we can get easily. I am taking very little profit on it. It is to encourage customers to shop for our normal products as well.


Thanks so much for this valuable information! We are in the United States and that’s what I’m afraid of. We are trying to push through/work overtime as much as possible while complying with current mandates while we still can. Hope everything is going ok with you over there! We will all get through this.

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It REALLY boomed our sales when everyone was panic-buying, ordering huge amounts of juice to help boost their immune systems. The past couple of days have been much slower as our province declared a state of emergency, we shut down for an afternoon to come up with a plan for moving forward. We had a whole day of no sales today, for the first time ever. It’s a bit scary but then we got some pickup orders for tomorrow. It’s a strange time as things change every day. We are hanging in and going to see what will happen. We are in Ontario, Canada.

Exact same for us! Extremely busy last week then once social distancing started, we are only offering pre-order and take out/ delivery and it has really slowed down. Today was our first day EVER in almost 3 years of no sales at all.

India is lock down from 20th March to 14th April 2020 and all business are closed down except medical , grocery shop and vegetables shop. So my business also closed down. Most of Indians only drink juices in summer time and now may be all season will be going in corona virus issues so for me it’s very difficult to run business in rainy and winter season. If anybody have idea or any suggestions so let me know for survival in this business.

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Hi team! I am a new Goodnature Family Member!
Well, actually it has brought more attention to people’s eating habits, their immune system, and longevity!
One of the only downsides of Covid19 relating to business operations is that bottles and produce are difficult to order.
I feel we, as curious and social humans, need physical interaction with the foods we buy, to inspect them, and the bottles, to compare them and hold them.
However now, there is a policy where we can’t physically go into distribution centers and physically interact with our products, so each day is a struggle just to get the resources.
Yet, once it’s pressed, the newly healthy conscious community (whether driven by fear, paranoia, or education) are anxious to purchase and happy to reorder!

Stay safe! Stay distant! Stay Juicing!

Corey G-S
Asé Juicery, Toronto, Ontario

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