How has COVID-19 impacted your business?

I am curious about the state of the juice making world. How are other’s business’ fairing? I can only speak from my experience. I hope to learn how others are doing, and what changes they have made to survive.
When we closed down for 6 weeks in mid-march I did not think the business would survive. We were trending well for Q1 and was just getting out financial legs going. We are in that precarious 2-3 years mark from open where most businesses make it or break it.
After reopening in May and having another local restaurant that serves sandwiches, salads, etc open up a shop in shop within my location we have been thriving. We are up over 100% over LY, and may even beat 2019 handily, despite being closed for a 6 week period.
I am not a religious man, but I am praying that other small businesses in our industry have been able to adapt and succeed. I would like to hear from anybody all over the world if they are seeing success, or have been forced to pivot to keep their business going.


we are up 3x over LY. But we’re only a year old last month. still very encouraged.

“Good on ya” & the rest of you here.

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We are 3 years old this Sunday 7/19, which is so exciting. We are 70% up from our first year of business (implementing one million lessons learned and a new retail front), but 7% down from last year. I feel great about that, but it is exciting and hopeful to see others are way up. However, we are down about 16% in transactions. We were never mandated to close but reduced hours and days for about a month. This last week though has been one of our busiest this year. Being in Alaska, we actually don’t depend on tourism much we have a great local community in Anchorage so they are supportive!

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