Juice Business Podcast #4 - JK Juices


Posted on YouTube a few weeks ago, finally got the audio version up!

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Jordan Rosendale and Lauren Mattice own and operate JK Juices in Findlay Ohio, a town of about 50,000 people. Jordan started making juice in the back of a popcorn shop when she was 17, then opened a juice truck, then finally a brick and mortar juice bar that is the JK Juices today. They did it all on their own on a shoestring budget, and have grown organically without any outside funding.

Had a great time with them in Buffalo! Let us know if any questions for me or @Jordan_Rosendale (I don’t believe Lauren has made an account here yet as of posting this).


Great time! Enjoyed our convo!


was wondering… funny just watched you good people on Youtube yesterday. thank you JK & GN!!!

some of the little things said actually were helpful too btw.

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