Wheatgrass through X-1?

Has a anyone ever juiced wheatgrass through the X-1?

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Wheatgrass by itself doesn’t really work. The grinder just passes it through without grinding most of it since it’s so small.

If you’re doing straight wheat wheatgrass you’ll need to use a smaller machine like the M-1 or one of those specialized wheatgrass juicers.

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Thank you for your insight.

Perhaps running the wheat grass through a food processor or a different grinding technique, then putting into the press bag…?

Yes but a I’m not sure a food processor would work either. Wheatgrass is very “stringy” which makes it difficult to grind. That’s the wheatgrass juicers are more of the slow-juicer screw type grinder.

You could try it though.

@Namastecafeukiah.com Hey hope you are doing well, Must have missed this, Yes, a food processor works, but the tricky part is getting it started in the processor. I find food processors with the built-in side scrappers work best, if you give it a few cuts before putting in a processor that works even better, But it works pretty well once you get it going just take your time with it, don’t go above medium speed, but very difficult to over process. Then you can take that pul and put it directly into a press bag, fine or med weave work great.