Juicing Wheatgrass

Hi all, I ordered the x1-mini but wondered about juicing wheatgrass by itself. Is there another machine that I should have specifically for just juicing wheatgrass? I don’t plan to juice to order, but will have bottled shots for sale. Any tips are much appreciated.

Wheatgrass is one of the few things that the X-1 Mini doesn’t really work well with. It works ok if it’s just a small amount of wheatgrass combined with another recipe, but if it’s straight wheatgrass or mostly wheatgrass, the strands of grass end up clumping up into a ball in the grinder and won’t go through. I recommend buying one of the standard wheatgrass juicers, as it will give you much better results.

Thank you, I was looking at both the Super Angel and Norwalk, any preference or recommendations between the two?

This is the one I normally see at juice bars: https://www.amazon.com/Samson-Super-Juicer-Commercial-Wheatgrass/dp/B00B6RJCE6