Pomegranate On X-1 Mini

HI All -

I have seen some conflicting information on the web - including on the Goodnature website itself - on juicing pomegranates. We have the x-1 mini. Anyone have experience? Best practices?

Pomegranates are super easy. Half or quarter them and place them directly in the press chamber. No need to grind them.

Awesome! I read about that, but then also saw on the Goodnature Blog that they were listed on the fruits you can’t juice. Giving it a shot!

There are some fruits that are difficult to juice when using the grinder. Pomegranates are one since it nearly impossible to remove the white pith completely, which makes it too bitter. Its easy to rough cut lemons/ lines and then grinder them, pomegranates not so much.
We press whole strawberries instead of grinding them. That works really well.

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That’s great to know! Thanks for the input!

Thanks for pointing that out regarding the blog. Not sure how that got through to publishing. I removed the part about the pomegranate.

Here is a video you can reference (also on our blog):

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My pleasure! No worries at all - I had seen that video. Seems easy enough! Thanks again!