Best way to press berries with the X-1?

Hi there… I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions for working with berries on a large scale. I read elsewhere on the site that a blender is recommended, but that’s not super practical for larger volumes, and we also are looking to keep the fibers out of our juice, as we are using it as an add in to our kombucha fermentation. I tried using the medium bag and just the press, and I ran it a couple of times with a stir in between to try to extract as much as possible. It definitely worked, but the remaining pulp was a lot wetter than I am used to with other produce and I’m wondering if there are any strategies to increase the yield. These were blackberries, but we’ll also be working with raspberries.


Berries don’t really juice that well, which is shy we recommend a puree instead of trying to juice them. They are just too mushy to squeeze much out of.

@Megan Like @charlie mentioned they are not ideal due to the texture, So puree is always the best option, But if you really had to cold press them, If you freeze them, then thaw them you will get a higher yield, The freezing/thawing expands the water content weakening the cellular structure, then when you thaw the berries it will give you a bit of a boost in yield.

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Thanks for the replies @charlie and @AriS I will give the freezing method a try for sure. I guess the good news from the previous effort is that the not-fully-expended berries made some nice muffins, fruit leather, and pancakes :wink:

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