X-1 Mini Batch Size Tips


Hi guys we just received our x-1 mini and have been trying out a few of our recipes on it. While some work seamlessly others tend overflow in the press chambers. Do you guys have any tips or tricks when it comes to pressing with the x-1 mini. For example, mixing the the produce or reducing batch weight for certain types of produce.


We have encountered a few ingredients that really can make a mess. Pineapple and strawberry tend to overflow a lot. The only way we have thought to counteract it just to do smaller amounts and multiple presses. Mixing the ingredients with others that don’t cause overflow is always a good way to go.


Here is a chart from some testing I’ve been doing. Please note that this is my own experience, and results can vary a lot depending on the produce.


Thank you for sharing, this is very useful!!


Why would you leave the peel on the pineapple? and all of these are run through the grinder first, correct?


Yes, I recommend grinding with the peel on.

The peel does a nice job at making the pulp not so slimy, so the pineapple presses better without squeezing up and out of the top of the press. Also, there is not much difference at all in color or taste of the juice. I have done side by side comparison for customers and they have always agreed.

Obviously you have to make sure the wash the pineapple well, but other than that just remove the base and the stem and cut the pineapple into quarters or eighths.

Many people peel the pineapple and cut into discs and just put directly into the press, however this takes a lot more work. I believe this method was made popular because it’s the recommended method for pressing pineapple in the norwalk, which has a much smaller grinder.


Could you provide any further details on nut milks? In the notes, it just says it depends on amount of water added. We are only using 1.5 lbs of almonds and 2 quarts of water and are having great difficulty with overflow. Based on the estimated hourly output and estimated capacity of this machine, we aren’t even close to what we planned on being able to produce with the amount we are having to stop the machine and empty the bag due to overflow


2 quarts of water should be fine. Can you describe the exact recipe and process you are using?


Hi Charlie,

I have a problem with overflow too on the x-1 mini when making almond mylk. The recipe I originally used was based on your 6 essential juice recipes from your may 2017 blog post. Through trial and error, I found it was the dates that created a slim texture in the press bag and would cause less 1 lb of nuts to overflow out the top of the press chamber. If I was pressing only the Almond & Cashew blend with water it turned out great and could press around 2lbs of nuts per batch.


Hello David, one option, I throw the pitted dates in to soaking almonds for the last 30 minutes or so to rehydrate, the drain liquid and wash the almonds and dates until water is running clean. That might help a little, also you can try to reusable mini bag instead of the disposable and see if that might make it easier. I know the grind is so critical to this process, you want it as fine as possible without the fat from the nuts emulsifying into the liquid. Hope ones if those helps. If not let me know and we can try something else.


Okay, great tip Arri. I will try this later on in the week and see how it goes.