Over flow in the X-1

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Apologies if this has been touched on. I saw the x-1 mini forum. I couldn’t find another.

I previously made 6 people, 3-day cleanses. It equaled 18 (12 oz.) of each juice that I needed to make for the cleanses. I split it up into two juicing’s per recipe. For the sake of not under juicing, I made 10 juices for each press, instead of 9. Even then, almost every recipe overflowed. I am following the recipes, formulas and processing procedures from our dear friend Ari, with a fine weave bag on all of the recipes. Maybe the medium weave bag would have less overflow, but less of a smooth texture, which we love so much.
If only the juice that came out the top would have a place to flow gracefully into the pan, because it is just that, juice, not pulp. And even if there is a little bit of pulp, we strain it before it’s bottled anyways. The bag rarely is filled past 2/3 full, which is a general rule of thumb for the amount recommended.
So, I guess my question is - “Is making 3 people a 3 day juice cleanse (9 Juices of each) too much for the machine to handle?” It’s seems like a small amount for how burley the machine is. I Love The machine and it’s brought great health and pleasure to many, but it is seeming like it takes an extremely long time to make that amount of juice, especially with the constant stopping of the press to prevent overflow. To make juice cleanses and also provide enough juice for the grab and go fridge, seems daunting.

Wisdom and feed back from ALL is so WELLcome. Please and thank you.

-Christian Freeman, Owner-Namasté Café

This issue on the X-1 is almost always caused by pressing too fast.

Slow the press down with the flow control valve and you should be fine.

If that doesn’t solve the issue, you might be grinding too fine - which can be solved by slowing down the grinder or using a different grinder blade.

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@Namastecafeukiah.com Hello my friend, Any issues you can also email me if you ever need, will be great to catch up and see how everything is going. I always pay attention to how full the bag is and not how many bottles I need to produce as you mentioned. But I judge the speed of pressing by the flow of the juice from the bottom of the bag, if the juice is coming out of the sides or top that is a sign of pressing too fast as Charlie mentioned. If it’s going too quickly just keep the press in neutral until the juice stops flowing, the continue to press. If it’s about to overflow pulp from the top, reverse the press, mix the pulp and then continue to press again. Hope you had a great new year and talk to you soon.

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I started using our brand new press bag and it almost completely changed the flow. We aren’t having any issues, and we’re able to make more juice per press.

I think it should be well known that buying a new bag is a game changer. I’m not sure how they get clogged up, but the old bag did. I couldn’t believe how long we went like that.

Fine weave bag*


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