Juice Separation

Hi All!

We had our opening week this week for our barre studio and cold-pressed juicery in Anguilla. Juices are flying off the shelves! one thing I noticed, though, as we went through the week (we currently press 3 days per week), is we are starting to notice some separation in our juices shortly after we bottle. We do 2 greens, a carrot blend and spicy pineapple. Separation I believe is normal a few days after bottling, but we are noticing it overnight as we come in the next day. Anyone else experience this and know what can cause this? Is our fridge temp not right? Might we be using too much of watery ingredients (like cucumber or celery?) we fill our 16 oz bottles not necessarily to the top. Could air be getting in? Or is this completely normal?

Thanks for the input!

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Hard to say for sure without seeing it, but some separation is normal. Make sure you’re pressing slowly, that can actually make a big difference.

Usually if someone shakes the juice they should last a while before separating again.

Awesome. When you say press slowly, what exactly do you mean by that?

Also - if we are pressing the same recipe multiple rounds, we dispose of pulp and reuse the disposable press bag again. Should we not do that?

Sorry I mean make sure you’re using the “batch” press speed if you’re juicing a full batch. I’ve heard from some people that they use the “single” press speed all the time, but that’s meant for single servings of juice, less than 2 lbs of produce. Using the faster speed for large batches will cause faster separation.

Regarding re-using the bag- I’m not sure if it makes a difference. It’s most likely not a problem.

Gotcha - yes we use the batch press. I do think it has to do with air in the top of the bottle and not filling it all the way (so slightly more than 16 ounces).

Appreciate your timely responses. I can say that the cold-pressed juice is being very well received here in Anguilla and we love the machine!

Wow that’s great! Congrats

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Congrats on your opening!! Separation like that is normal. We notice even as the seasons and atmosphere change (we just went from 60 degrees outside yesterday to 12 degrees today) that our juice separates a little quicker. You aren’t using any other centrifugal mechanisms or juicers right? Just the Goodnature?

Sometimes if the juice sits out a little longer than normal before bottling or if your produce isn’t cold (or is way too cold, close to frozen) when it’s juiced, that’ll happen quicker. If you’ve got your bottles labeled nicely and educate your customers that settling is natural, they won’t mind since they seem to be loving the juice that much! A little shake will do the trick.

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Thanks for the input! Just using the good nature x-1 mini. Interesting on the temp. We are 85 and it is slightly warm. We have multiple fridges to keep produce as cold as possible until pressing. We will work on getting bottled quicker though. That’s a great point. Nobody has mentioned it at all, actually. It is just something my type-a personality has noticed and wanted to make sure the juice wasn’t going “bad” before it’s max freshness date.

Thanks again!

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You’re welcome! You should be good. If your juice is cloudy, looks like it has carbonation or any bubbles, pops when you open it, or smells off then you should be concerned. If you’ve got great produce and cleaning/prepping techniques, you’re golden!

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