Cold Pressed Juice & Separation

Hi Folks,
I’ve been building my cold pressed offering and developing recipes since the proverbial sxxt hit the fan in March 2020. We have used the time to develop and produce a simple range of tasty, nutrient packed, HPP’d Juices. My question is this; is there a method or process to avoid separation when using a cold press juicer (X1 to be exact) ?

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Hi Andy - there are certain things you can do to prevent immediate separation (recipe formulation, temperature, pressing slowly), but if your juice is sitting on a shelf for several days there is no way to prevent sediment from forming on the bottom. It’s just gravity working and is completely normal.


Thanks for your feedback Charlie.

Hi and sorry for the up. It’s an interesting point of view, does it matter what juicer exactly do you choose? I mean that they have a lot of differences and specifications, probably, it’s the key