Unpasteurised Juice Delivery

Hello all of you amazing juicers out there! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hibiscus:

I’m really excited to find this space full of so much valuable Knowledge and information. I have so many questions to put out there to you all but my first is this.

We have a juice Biz on the east coast of Australia. We don’t have our own cafe we sell our juices to local cafes here. We are in ten cafes so far and want to grow out of our little town. How do you transport/send them when they are fresh cold pressed and don’t have that long a shelf life?
Would you pasteurise?

Thank you in advanced

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Aloha, Aloka!

I am also curious about delivering juice here in Northern California, and also selling in other stores. I am unsure of the health codes. Perhaps there’s a protocol for keeping a log showing how cold the juice is from kitchen to point of delivery. I’m looking for any recommendations on cool bags, coolers etc.

I don’t think pasteurization has a good reputation, but there’s multiple other techniques to preserve the juice, HPP being one of them. I’m sure Ari or Charlie will be on here soon to answer! Good luck.

@Namastecafeukiah.com This, unfortunately, is not as standardized as it should be across the US and is interpreted from county to county or state to state. The easiest way to begin the process is to set up a call or meeting with a local inspection agency, Let them know about your plans, what you are looking at starting in regards to distribution outside of your facility. Couple of tips to help.

-Figure out if you are selling direct to consumer or the business is selling for you, this will change your classification from “direct to consumer” to “Wholesale” Which will have different requirements. What is comes down to is they want to determine who is taking responsibility for this product
-I would also at the minimum use a cold transport log and cold hold log. One log will document time/temp at the production facility and time/temp at the selling point. The cold hold log will be at the selling point where an employee will take the temp of the product every four hours of being in operation.
-The inspection agency should/might also require you to produce a HACCP plan. If they do feel free to reach out to me or check out the Goodnature blog post on HACCP and we can get you on your way to distribution.

Good luck.