Health Department and Delivery


Good morning friends, Currently I am writing up my plans to present to the Health Department. Alabama feel strongly about NO delivery on RAW products. I feel strongly about delivering my products. Has anybody run into this issue and so you have any suggestions?
Thank you


I don’t know the law in Alabama, but federal law allows you to deliver your RAW products, as long as you have a HACCP and keep your product refridgerated. Unless Alabama passed a law that doesn’t allow this :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:, I don’t see why you can’t deliver your products.

To be honest… health dept officials don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to juice. You have to politely “educate” them. They are used to dealing with meat, eggs and fish.

When Maine Juice Co. was being inspected we had to correct our inspector multiple times, because they thought they “knew something.” They were wrong and we simply corrected them. If we hadn’t correct them, it may have delayed our opening by months. Speak up and tell them what you know! :slightly_smiling_face:


I know @AriS has dealt with this kind of thing before I’m other states. Maybe he can chime in.

It’s true that if you’re in an area that hasn’t dealt with raw juice before you may have to work with your health department and educate them on the laws.

Under federal law you can sell raw juice direct to consumer. It doesn’t say it can’t be delivered.

Here are a couple links for your perusal:


Yes, I have dealt with this same situation in many states. It’s definitely more difficult if the inspectors or health department are well versed with transportation of raw juice. In most cases you shouldn’t have any issues transporting raw juice with the use of a HACCP plan. If possible can you send me your contact info to and we can talk about how to approach them. Like Main Juice Co mentioned, it’s important to politely “educate”


Awesome info! Thank you guys! I will message you Aris!


Not sure what county in Alabama your business is, but I’m in Baldwin Co. (Gulf Shores).
As long as my bottles have the appropriate “warning label” they were fine for me to sell in my store. To take them out, i.e. Farmers Market, I had to have a food trailer/truck. Which makes no sense I know. I’m not allowed to put my juices in multiple businesses. To quote the inspector, “if you are in one or two locations we want do anything. But beyond that there is a host of other regulations you have to meet.” If I wanted to be in the wholesale market.
Hope this makes sense. email me at if you would like.



We are based in NV which tends to be one of the most stringently regulated health departments in the country due to the hotels and conventions on the Las Vegas Strip.
In Southern Nevada we are not allowed to deliver raw, unpasteurized juice nor wholesale it currently. The only way to move juice out of the restaurant is to have a 3rd party delivery service (UberEats, GrubHub, etc…) delivery it, as those companies assume liability once the food products are in their possession.