Shipping juice outside of local are

Hi everyone, I have a juice delivery business and I have had several people ask me about shipping juice to them because they live approx. an hour away. Does anyone ship your juice? If so do you mind sharing some a few tips on how I can go about getting started with this.

Thank you, Aleta

There are many companies that offer this, one that comes to top of mind is Little West, maybe @littlewest (Andrew) can comment?

Hi Aleta, This is definitely a revenue source you should be exploring!
There’s a few options you can look at, but it depends if you HPP your product or ship raw?
We previously did raw, but now that our business is primarily wholesale we’ve been doing HPP for a few years.
We’ve been streamlining our perishable shipping for quite some time. For the past 6.5 years we’ve been fulfilling our juice orders from our HQ. We have branded cases and use post recycled liners to minimize our environmental impact. It costs a little more, but I think it’s something the end consumer responds to, and we feel good about. We generally use 2.5lb ice packs (since they stay frozen longer) and use about 1lb of ice to 1lb of juice per case. To lessen the cost of shipping to the customer, we have a minimum order of 14 bottles per shipment (keep in mind we have a 60 day shelf life). Shipping more bottles in a case gives us the ability to cut into our margins to give the customer better shipping prices. However, we’ve been working on broadening our shipping geography and volume, so we just started working with an SEO specialist to drive traffic to our website, and have just started working with a local fulfillment center here in LA. Since they ship about 5k products / week, they are helping us drastically decrease our shipping rates because they have special rates via FedEx already. Working with a fulfillment center also gives us the ability to ship as little as 6 juices per shipment!
As another option, there are companies like who pickup packages and fulfillment the actual shipments for you. Definitely worth checking out.
This being said, start shipping from your shop or HQ, then once you feel like you’re getting consistent orders you can move to a local fulfillment center.


Thank you, I will check into them.

This is wonderful information for me thank you, I really appreciate your insight.

Do you guys do overnight shipping? Or 2 day? It gets so expensive especially with the weight in the box.