Restaurant Margin/Cold Chain

Hi, I am starting a Delivery only business, but I would like to sell my juices to some coffee shops, hotels and restaurants. Does anybody know what profit margin should I offer them to make it attractive.
Besides that I would like sell my juice to Airline´s catering companies, but from what I know, they can´t keep the cold chain all the time. How long can they be unrefrigerated if they are HPP processed?


Retailers will need 40% - 60% margin in order to be competitive with other products on their shelf. I recommend checking out this episode of my podcast, Ryne goes into details on wholesale costs - I think it’s more towards the end but don’t quite remember.

HPP juices really need to be refrigerated. Only heat pasteurized juices are shelf stable (don’t need refrigeration).

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Thanks a lot Charlie. Great info as always.

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Thanks for sharing this podcast. This has been truly helpful.