Press racks direction, etc


I am curious about the proper direction of the press racks for the X-1. Are the grooves supposed to be facing the same way on both racks or opposite? (Ari once said opposite ;))
Sorry to question your knowledge, brother. :slightly_smiling_face:
Also, one side of the rack is smooth and one is rough. Is there a specific side the rack should be facing? Smooth side against the metal or not?

I don’t think it matters.

The grooves help the juice drain. If you could imagine pressing the bag against a flat surface, the juice would try to come out of the bag but have no where to go. The grooves give space for the juice to form a stream and pour out.

So I don’t think same or opposite the other side matters. The important thing is just that the juice isn’t pressing against a flat surface with no drainage. Hello, Yes it doesn’t matter too much on the X-1, The press racks it is a habit for me to keep them so the top corner on each one, I try to keep it flush against the press, but shouldn’t be an issue to have it either way.