X-1 Mini Bogging Down

Has anyone experienced the grinder motor bogging down and even stopping when grinding carrots?

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Hi this shouldn’t normally happen unless you are pushing on the produce really hard or overloading the grinder. If it’s happening under normal use there may be a technical problem with your power supply or motor. I will have our technical team reach out to you.

Thank you for your response, Charlie! It’s bogging down with a handful of carrots which have been cut in half, so not overloaded. I have been working with a tech and sent three videos of the machine bogging down with the small amount of carrots in the chute. Just wanted to see if others had experienced the same issue and could provide insight.

Gotcha, yes there have been some cases of this happening where it was a technical issue with the power supply but after replacing the power supply is solved the problem. So if that’s indeed the issue the GN team will get your sorted out ASAP!


The tech has been very responsive, we just had not nailed down what the issue was yet so I thought I would ask others if they had experienced the same issue. Thanks again, Charlie!

I am experiencing the same issue. Thanks

@TheWolfCafe Are you experiencing the issue with carrots specifically or do you find it bogging down with other foods as well? My machine was bogging down and actually stopping with a small amount of carrots, is this your experience? I always mixed my carrots with both apples and lemons for the moisture, so I stopped mixing and tried just carrots, to no avail.

We are currently switching out the power supply and should know tomorrow if this is the solution. I will keep you updated.

Hi Terra! That is exactly my experience. I have to add apples with the carrots or just go really slow. I also have to turn it off and back on to get back to full power after it stops. Thank you.

Hi everyone, I can tell you 100% that this isn’t the normal operation of the machine. You are definitely having a technical issue. I use the X-1 Mini a ton, and carrots on their own are totally fine unless you really overload it and push it with a ton force, which doesn’t sound like that’s what you’re doing.

@Terra keep us updated on the fix!

Edit: By overload I don’t mean you putt to much in the grinder, I mean you push down really hard which overloads the power of the grinder.

I have also had this issue as well, I don’t do carrots as much and the few times I have lately it has done this

I would encourage anyone that feels they are having issues with the grinder bogging down to contact Goodnature. The technicians are really good and can determine if you’re having a technical issue, and if you are, how to fix it. The grinder should not be bogging down under normal use.

Contact: 1 800-875-3381
Hours: 9am - 5pm eastern